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Fast Facts to make your life easier can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but the fact of the matter is, you still need them! Fast Facts can help your day go smoother, quicker and help you out when you are in a pinch. I've listed 7 of my favorite fast facts here for you to enjoy. I hope that these fast facts will give you some great ideas and tips to help your day go super easy when necessary!

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Bust Stress in the Chops

Ever have a day that just drags by and stress seems to pile up? It's important to make a way to unwind after a day like that! Here's a fast fact you may enjoy: Draw yourself up a warm bath and add a few drops of jasmine oil. Soaking in a bath of jasmine oil has been proven to ease tension-plus you will smell so great!


Be More Optimistic

Who enjoys having a long, tiring day, then coming home to a dingy and dark space? Not me! Fill your home with bright and warm colors like red, yellow and orange to get your blood pumping and help you feel optimistic. You will also notice that your day will start out with you in a happier mood if you wake up to cheery flowers on your nightstand and a bright tablecloth in the kitchen!


Kiss Blisters Goodbye

If you deal with blisters on your feet constantly from sweaty feet, here's a fast fact that will nip it in the bud! Coat your feet and heels in body powder before slipping your shoes on. The powder will soak up the sweat, meaning less moisture and less friction so bye-bye blisters!


Make Better Decisions

This fast fact is actually one that I have proven over and over again in my own life. Getting 8 full hours of sleep each night is not only better for you health-wise, but you will be much less irritable, able to focus easier, and make better decisions! And just by getting 8 hours of sleep! Try and make this fast fact one that counts.


Get Your Guy to Agree to Anything

As ladies, we all have a "way" with men, am I right? You can probably get your guy to agree to do something that he would tell any other person absolutely not! When it comes down to the moment that you need to get your man to agree to something, try placing your hand on his chest as you speak. This will release endorphins and hormones in his blood that will make him feel manly and boost his confidence, thus making him more agreeable!


Have Party Ready Snacks

Do you ever find yourself refusing to attend a party or get together because you don't have anything on hand to bring? This fast fact will make sure that never happens to you again! All you need is a bag of chips and some cream cheese. Mix the cream cheese up with a jar of salsa and you have a perfect, crowd pleasing snack! You can also mix cream cheese with a jar of strawberry preserves and bring it with cookies!


Save $$$ on New Trends

I love this fast fact, because it will help you be on target with all the new trends in nail polish, yet save hard-earned money! Instead of shelling out hard earned bucks for new shades of polish, why not mix some of your old shades together to create fresh and new ones? Here's a few ideas to get started: Magenta and black make purple, lilac and silver glitter make a pretty neutral, and yellow and blue make a pretty green!

After reading these Fast Facts, I'm sure you have thought of a few of your own that you'd love to share! Fast facts come in handy for everyone, and at all different times. Please comment below with any of your own fast facts! Thank you for reading my article and have a great day!

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I love the last one... I don't know why I never thought of combining my existing nail polishes to make a new super cute color! Thanks for the idea... I will have to apply this to all of my makeup such as blush and eyeshadows.

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