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Epic Christmas Lights You'll Want to Copy ...

By Eliza

Getting ready to put up the Christmas lights? Do you want to have the most epic display on the block this year? You need to check out some of the epic displays other people have come up with to inspire you to make all of your neighbors jealous. Here are some that you'll wish you could copy today.

1 All the Lights

All the LightsYou can't go wrong when you use tons of lights in lots of colors.

2 Go All out with Figurines

Go All out with FigurinesWould this display make your neighbors jealous?


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3 Super Bright

Super BrightTons of super bright lights will make your house stand out this holiday season.

4 Spell Something out

Spell Something outIt's always fun to spell out a holiday message in your front yard.

5 Blue Lights Are Always Great

Blue Lights Are Always GreatChristmas lights are perfect when you add a bunch of blue bulbs to the scheme.

6 Little Snow Animals

Little Snow AnimalsMixing in some adorable inflatable animals with your lights is a wonderful idea!

7 Santa Landing on the Roof

Santa Landing on the RoofThere's a lot going on here, but Santa landing on the roof make it totally epic.

8 With the Music

With the MusicYou can tell by the sign in the front yard that this display goes with the music on your radio.

9 Everything is Totally Lit up

Everything is Totally Lit up

10 A Huge Christmas Tree

A Huge Christmas TreeA giant lit up Christmas tree is just about as perfect as it gets.

11 Words of the Season

Words of the SeasonYou can buy all sorts of already lit words to add to your house.

12 All Your Christmas Friends

All Your Christmas FriendsLook at all those friends sharing the front yard.

13 Put Lights on the Ground Too

Put Lights on the Ground TooNever thought to put lights on the ground? You've got to try it this year.

14 Blue and White Color Scheme

Blue and White Color SchemeBlue and white is something different, but you have to admit it looks pretty great, doesn't it?

15 Giant Candy Canes

Giant Candy CanesThose candy canes really make this display stand out.

16 Wrap Everything up

Wrap Everything upUse strands of lights to wrap everything in your yard. Looks good, huh?

17 Top It with a Star

Top It with a StarA star is the epic showstopper for any lights display.

18 Religious Theme

Religious ThemeI love the angels, don't you?

19 Nativity Scene

Nativity SceneGot some space? Why not recreate the Christmas story?

20 Totally Epic

Totally EpicThere's a little bit of everything here and I love it!

21 Driveway Tunnel

Driveway TunnelIt will be impossible not to get into the Christmas spirit with this in your front yard.

What are your Christmas light plans this year? Are any of these ideas inspiring you?

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