9 Educational GIFs Thatll Teach You How Things Work ...

By Holly

9 Educational GIFs Thatll Teach You How Things Work ...

As much as we all love GIFs of cute kittens rolling around on the floor, there are some more important images out there. Some of them are actually meant for educational purposes, and not just for entertainment value. Even though they're only a few seconds long, they can convey a lot of information that can help you in life. Here are a few GIFS that will teach you some new things about the world around you:

Table of contents:

  1. how a key works
  2. how a baby looks
  3. how a fan works
  4. how a ladybug flies
  5. how a paintball gun fires
  6. how lightning strikes
  7. how fences are made
  8. how pasta gets its shape
  9. how to pick a lock

1 How a Key Works

How a Key Works Have you ever wondered how a key works? Well this GIF shows you the importance of the ridges in the device. They have to line up perfectly with the lock or else you won't be getting through the door anytime soon.

2 How a Baby Looks

How a Baby Looks This is an example of what a baby's face looks like when it's forming inside of its mother's womb. It can look pretty creepy at times, but it's what each and every one of us went through. Crazy, isn't it?

3 How a Fan Works

How a Fan Works If you have an oscillating fan in your room, it's a lifesaver in the summer heat. However, have you ever stopped to think about how it actually works? This GIF shows you the inside of the fan, so you can see exactly what the gears are forced to do when you press a single button.

4 How a Ladybug Flies

How a Ladybug Flies You've probably seen these in your backyard, but have you ever gotten a close look? The wings are pretty amazing. Ladybugs are impressive creatures.

5 How a Paintball Gun Fires

How a Paintball Gun Fires If you've ever played paintball with your friends, you were probably too focused on aiming to wonder how the gun actually works. Well, now it's time to learn what's been happening each time you pulled the trigger. This cartoon shows you all the motions the machine goes through. A lot more happens than you'd expect.

6 How Lightning Strikes

How Lightning Strikes You've seen lightening in person, but have you ever seen it in slow motion? Here's what it looks like. It's as beautiful as it is terrifying.

7 How Fences Are Made

How Fences Are Made If you have this type of your fence in your yard, you can show your parents this GIF to teach them how it was made. Machines are capable of so many things now. They look just as beautiful while working as a human would.

8 How Pasta Gets Its Shape

How Pasta Gets Its Shape You could stare at this GIF all day. It looks so delicious that you'll be buying a box of pasta before you know it without remembering where the craving came from. Hopefully it's just as tasty when it's cooked as it looks when it's being shaped.

9 How to Pick a Lock

How to Pick a Lock You don't want to turn into a criminal, but this GIF is helpful if you're ever locked out of your home. You might just be able to find a way to get yourself back inside without calling a locksmith. All it takes is a little work.

It's incredible to see how much information a short GIF can convey. They're capable of teaching you a lot, so don't underestimate their importance to the Internet world. What other GIFs have you seen that have taught you new things about the world?

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