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As many of you probably know by now, I recently moved into my first apartment. While I was on a limited budget, I also knew the exact style I was going for. I wanted to decorate my living room area with a mid-century style, but I had one problem. It’s pretty difficult to find mid-century furniture that doesn’t cost a fortune. That sent me on the hunt to find mid-century furniture that I loved at prices I loved even more. If you’re in the same boat as me, don’t worry—I’ve got you covered! These stores will help you decorate your home in no time at all!

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I was never really a fan of Target’s mid-century furniture selection (or their furniture selection in general, if I’m being honest) however they’ve recently added a new mid-century line that looks like it’s right out of an episode of Mad Men. I’ve purchased a few pieces so far, and not only are they good prices, but they look a lot more expensive than they actually were!



Ikea is known for its minimalistic furniture, but you would be surprised by the different mid-century options they have as well. They’re easy to miss sometimes because there’s so much to choose from, but when you finally spot them, you’ll agree with me that they’re great pieces if you’re into that mid-century vibe!



I was originally wary to order from Wayfair when I first did, but ever since then, I’ve been hooked. The shipping and customer service were fabulous, and the options they have on the website are even better. If you’re looking for something that no one else has, Wayfair is the place to go.



Haven’t we all fallen into the rabbit hole that is Overstock? They have a great selection no matter your style, but they have so many mid-century pieces that are also cost-friendly. They don’t have a specific option to search for mid-century furniture on the website, but by just doing a simple search in the search bar will give you an infinite amount of options!



When people start looking for furniture, the last place they go to look is Amazon, because Amazon isn’t exactly the first place that pops into your mind. However, Amazon offers so many different options for mid-century furniture that you’ll be mad you didn’t think of it in the first place!



While shipping can cost an arm and a leg, vintage mid-century furniture on Etsy has such great prices that it can sometimes be worth the shipping costs. If you love vintage furniture, Etsy is the place for you. If you really can’t imagine spending a small fortune on an Etsy find, you could even look for a piece that’s close enough to you that you could drive and get it.


Your Local Thrift Store

I know that you may still wince at the words “Thrift Shop” after hearing Macklemore’s song one too many times a few years back, but hear me out. Now is the time that you’ll find mid-century furniture in thrift stores across the country. People are donating old pieces just as it’s coming back in style, making the thrift store the first place you should look in your search!

Where do you shop for mid-century furniture on a budget? Let me know in the comments!

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