These Bizarre Concept Cars Could Drive You to Work One Day ...


With vehicle manufacturing innovation accelerating at an ever-increasing rate, we have so many new inventive, ingenious and even downright ridiculous concept cars these days! Following are 8 of the best candidates for cars that could take you to work one day.

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The Egochine

The Egochine Peugeot's Egochine is quite a unique and “sharp” design, and not just because if literally looks like a razor. The single-person three wheel concept car is based on a hydrogen fuel cell powering two electric motor. Its name comes from the purpose of its design which was built to transport a single “very self-centered person” - according to the manufacturers.


P-Eco Concept City Vehicle

P-Eco Concept City Vehicle This futuristic and somewhat bizarre concept car looks straight from a science fiction movie. It was designed by Jung-Hoon Kim as a highly efficient electric vehicle for making city driving easier. Fitted with piezoelectric devices both in the front and rear of the driver's seat, it is designed to start charging as soon as the ignition is on.



ERinGo The eRinGo concept car is one of the most unusual vehicles you'll ever see. Circular in shape and using a single large wheel going through its middle, as well as two medium sized wheels on each side, it is based on a gyroscopic system for maintaining balance on the road. Also, a curious thing about this car is that it has wheels on both the driver's and passenger's seat, allowing either of them to take control.



Kassou The Kassou is a strange concept car that could have a future. This unusual little three-wheeled vehicle is very compact and protective, while featuring a sleek and appealing outer design and an interior seating configuration that somewhat resembles jet-skis or motorbikes. The adjustable rubber neck can be contracted to improve aerodynamics, and a side-car can also be attached for added storage.


The BMW Lovos

The BMW Lovos The blatantly unconventional design of the Lovos screams innovation and is also quite bizarre compared to even the most unusual concept cars. Covered in strange shapes that resemble fish scales, the car uses 260 of these identical parts to use as air brakes and solar batteries.


Isuzu FC-12

Isuzu FC-12 Isuzu FC-12 is actually a concept bus designed by yet another well-known Japanese manufacturer. If anyone used to complain that common bus designs are obsolete in most parts of the world, the FC-12 is definitely meant to contradict that, appearing more like a luxurious little spaceship from the future than an actual bus. It doesn't look too aerodynamic, though, but to those who want to travel in style, it doesn't really matter.


Nissan Pivo 2

Nissan Pivo 2 The Nissan Pivo 2 is one of Japan's most daring and intriguing vehicle concepts in recent years. It essentially resembles a futuristic “bubble” on four wheels that runs on battery power and can have actual conversations with its occupants – both in English and Japanese. The Pivo can also rotate its cabin a full 360 degrees, so you'll never need a reverse gear.


The Magnet Car

The Magnet Car Finally, the Magnet Car is a true concept vehicle that was designed to use magnets of the same polarity as the road in order to beat gravity, making the car much lighter and, therefore, more energy efficient. Many consider the idea an exceptional breakthrough when it comes to designing energy efficient vehicles.

So here they are – the most daring and inventive concept vehicles up to date. Which one was your favorite? Have you heard of any other interesting or strange concept cars that could be worth a look?


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Mmm, love your articles, always, but pics would have looked so nice for concept cars.

The nissan pivo 2 looks like a toy car to me

They made me think of the dyson hoover!

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