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7 Gadgets That Make Life Easier for Women Everywhere ...

By Holly

Being a girl is hard work. However, there are plenty of gadgets that make life easier. Some of them will help you during your workouts, and others will help you during weekly trips to the grocery store. None of these gadgets are too high in price, so you might as well buy them in order to make your life easier:

1 Nail Dryer

Nail Dryer $13.99 on

There's nothing worse than applying the perfect coat of polish, only to end up ruining it a few minutes later. If you always end up smudging your nails as soon as you finish painting them, then you'll benefit from having your very own nail dryer. That way, you can sit your hands beneath them for a few minutes until they're completely dry. Once you're done, there's no chance of destroying your handiwork.

2 Fine BAG Light

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Most women stuff their purses with random objects and receipts. We want to be prepared for any occasion, so the more we carry around, the better. However, a crowded bag can be difficult to dig through. That's why a fine bag light can come in handy. When you need to search for a certain something, you can flick the light on to get a better view of your surroundings.

3 Water Bottle Ice Cubes

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Whether you bring a water bottle to work or carry it during your morning jog, it can help to have ice cubes inside of it to keep it cool. Since "normal" ice cubes won't fit inside of the hole at the top of your drink, you can create thin ice cubes by buying this special tray. It'll make your drinks taste all the more refreshing.

4 One Trip Grocery Bag Holder

One Trip Grocery Bag Holder $6.45 on

Do you hate taking more than one trip from your car to the house? Then you should purchase these grocery bag holders. They'll help you carry in all of your bags at once, without dropping any of them. It's the most convenient way to shop.

5 Scissors and Tape Combo

scissors, product, hardware, product design, tool, $8.99 on

Don't you hate when you have to wrap presents, but you can't find tape or a pair of scissors? Then you should buy this gadget, which is a combination of the two. That way, your scissors and tape will always be in the same place. There's no way for you to lose one without losing the other.

6 Solar Powered Phone Charger

Solar Powered Phone Charger $14.92 on

If you hate how quickly your phone dies, then there are plenty of products that you can carry around with you. You can buy a backup battery, or a solar powered phone charger like this one. That way, as long as it's sunny out, you'll be able to give your phone new life.

7 Tampon Flasks

Tampon Flasks $9.99 on

If you're old enough to drink alcohol, a tampon flask can help you through your rough days. If you don't want anyone to know that you're carrying liquor around in your purse, put it in a tube that resembles a tampon. There's no way anyone will pick it up to check.

Not only are these gadgets cheap, but they're bound to make your life easier. What other tools have you bought that have helped you through your days?

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