Drop Everything You Are Doing and Watch These Time-lapse Videos ...


Drop Everything You Are Doing and Watch These Time-lapse Videos ...
Drop Everything You Are Doing and Watch These Time-lapse Videos ...

Have you ever stopped to smell a flower and wished you could see it grow from seed to bloom? Can you spend hours watching the clouds make their way across the sky? Thanks to photographers who painstakingly photograph or video a complete cycle and shorten it into a time-lapse video you can see so much in just a few minutes. Check out these gorgeous time-lapse videos.

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America’s Natural Spaces

Take a 5-minute tour that captures the beauty of some of the USA’s most gorgeous natural spaces by night and by day.


Flowers Blooming

Watch stunning footage of flowers blooming. A perfect reminder of the new life of spring.



See amazing footage of the movements in the sky.


Elemental Iceland

The stunning diverse often stark landscapes and geography as shot by photographer Stian Rekdal. He combined c. 3,500 photos from 40,000 he took while spending 3 weeks on the road, covering 3,000+ miles.


The Milky Way

A stunning reminder of how vast our universe is.


The Power of Nature

Clouds, storms, rainbows and rain – just in case we forget that Mother Nature’s power isn’t just about beautiful things that grow and live.


Beautiful Planet Earth

Can’t afford a vacation this year – take a trip around the world courtesy of this video.


Blue Tit Building a Nest

Because there’s no place like home.


Baby Bird to Fledgling

Of course, birds build nests so they can lay eggs and make baby birds.


Coral Reef

Have you ever wondered what goes on in and around a coral reef? Now you know, thanks to this footage of the Great Barrier Reef.


Beach Erosion

Be mesmerized by the power of the ocean waves as it sculpts the geography of a beach.


A Year in the Life of a Forest

The artist took 40,000 photographs to make this epic story.


Hair Transformation

If only it could happen this quickly in real life!


Northern Lights

This should inspire you to want to see the Aurora borealis for yourself.


30 Days in New Zealand

This film is to convey the impression New Zealand left on an émigré in the first 30 days after they moved to Queenstown.


The Disappearing Rainforest

Ready to be made more aware of the threat’s to our planet’s environment. This is sobering footage.



This video of a garden in Virginia captures the 48 hours of the 2016 Blizzard that hit the east coast between January 22 and 24, 2016.


One World Trade Center

From devastation, hope springs eternal.


Worms and Stars

Watch as three-foot nemertean worms and carnivorous sea stars prowl the bed of the Antarctic Ocean in search of flesh. When they find a dead seal, the sea stars inject it with digestive juices ... then suck it up like soup.



Very gross but utterly fascinating.



And from decay and death to birth and life.

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