5 Genius Ways to Make Time for Your Passions ...


5 Genius Ways to Make Time  for Your Passions ...
5 Genius Ways to Make Time  for Your Passions ...

The older you get, the busier and the more hectic your life becomes! This is mainly down to the fact that as we become mature adults, we take on more mature responsibilities, and things like hobbies and interests often are forced to take a back seat in favor of working hard and being successful in your professional life. Whilst it is important to succeed in your career and take it seriously, you also need to feed your soul as much as your feed your bank account! Here are five ways to make time for your passions.

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Think about Where You’re Wasting Time

If you are too busy for your hobbies, it means that you are probably wasting precious time in other areas of your life. Sit down and have a serious think about how much time you spend doing the essentials every day. Is there any way you could be streamlining? Doing things like meal prepping on a Sunday to give yourself an hour or so free each evening can be a lifesaver.


Regular Date Night

This is something you can do with a partner or with a friend. It’s just about setting out a weekly date night or weekend day to spend together, doing something that you both love. Keeping that regular date will become a habit, and part of your routine so that it doesn’t feel like you are constantly having to try to carve out time from other places.


Use a Planner

It really helps to have a physical planner to help you organize your time. Being able to see all of your commitments on paper rather than juggling them in your head will help you to see more clearly where you have free time to advantage of.


Put Yourself First

Sometimes you just have to be a little bit selfish, even if it is against your nature. You can’t always be everything to everyone, and helping others with menial tasks takes away time that you could be spending indulging in yourself and enjoying your own passions rather than involving yourself in theirs.


List Priorities

Another tip that emphasizes actually getting things down on paper, make a list of your priorities, and then make a list of how your routine currently is. What are the things that are low on your priorities list but high up on your ‘time spent’ list? Once you can see them, you can work on cutting them down to match your priorities.

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