7 Desired Stages of Life We All Hope to Eventually Go through ...


Despite the fact that we all have unique lives that are most likely completely different from each other, we still hope to go through the same key stages of life. From birth we make different decisions that take us in completely unfamiliar directions, however no matter where life takes us, we have the similar expectations of what is to come. Read on for the 7 desired stages of life that we eventually all hope to experience.

1. First Best Friend

Our early stages of life blossom in the environment filled with close family and friends. Out of those people we manage to find one best friend who we immediately connect to. Do you remember your first best friend? The one who you would play hide and seek with and run around with in the playground? That one friend that you looked forward to meeting every day and that one person who made you feel comfortable in your school? The memories of that person will always bring a smile to your face just like it will for me and anyone else.

First Love
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