17 Deep Dark Secrets You Share with Your Roommate ...

There are certain things no one will ever know about you … unless they live with you. Your parents don't quite count because you can't really grow into your gross grown-up self until you've moved out of your childhood home. That being said, however, once you're mostly an adult and more or less independent, your roommate can be anyone – a classmate, a friend, a random, a lover, a sibling, or even a parent. Of course, the number of deep, dark secrets you reveal will depend on your comfort level with your roommate – it's easier to share certain things with someone who isn't related to you or dating you. You get the idea, though, right? The point is, there are secrets you'll only share with the person who shares your personal spaces.

1. The Hair Flowers You Leave in the Shower

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Hair flowers can be left in the drain or intricately displayed on the wall of the stall. I prefer the latter, honestly. Plucking hair out of the drain makes me gag.

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