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Nerd Costume and Other Easy Last Minute DIY Costumes ...

By Laura

You might not be the first person in line to go trick or treating on Halloween but you should still be prepared to put together last minute Halloween costumes for an unexpected party invitation. Some people procrastinate until the last minute to get their outfits and others prefer not to waste any money, which is why I decided to share 7 last minute Halloween costumes that still look cute and thought-out. From a nerd costume to a hippie and even a dark angel. You'll love these costumes!

1 Nerd

One of the easiest last minute Halloween costumes is the nerd getup. The essential things that you would need to embody a nerd are nerd glasses, flannel, pants, and book bag with books, which are mainly the items that everyone has in their closet. However, if you don’t own any glasses, grab the 3-D movie theater glasses, pop out the lenses and tape a piece of white paper to the middle! To complete the look, you can additionally add suspenders and high socks.

2 Cat

You can probably put together the cat costume in less than five minutes; all you need is eyeliner and all black clothing! Use the eyeliner to draw on the nose and some whiskers, and if you are feeling a little bit more creative you can definitely add on more cat features as you go along. Other than that, put on full black clothing and add on some cat ears if you have any, and you are ready to head out the door!

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3 Waldo

You might be familiar with children's book character Waldo, who seems to take the game of hide-and-seek a little bit too seriously. He might be hard to find, but he is one of the easiest characters to portray on Halloween. All you would need is a red striped shirt, blue jeans, red hat and round glasses. Not only will you be comfy all night long but you will also appear done up and creative!

4 Vampire

The vampire costume is all makeup based, so you don’t have to worry much about your clothing choices. In order to look just like a vampire, you would need to put on a foundation lighter than your skin tone, draw dripping blood on the corners of the mouth and you are done! However, if you really want to take your costume to a whole other level, purchase fake vampire teeth to tie up the look!

5 Gypsy

If you are looking for a more extravagant Halloween look, try out the gypsy costume. Just wrap a scarf or a bandana around your head, put on a drapey dress and over-accessorize! Finish up the look with a bold makeup look and a crystal ball, which you can easily replace with a random snow globe!

6 Hippie

You can easily transform into a hippie in a matter of seconds on the night of Halloween! Just pull out your colorful tie-dye shirt, put on loose pants, throw on circular shades and wrap a piece of fabric around your head. As long as you act the part, everyone will be convinced of your hippie persona!

7 Goth Girl

In case you feel like going a little bit darker and grungy with your Halloween costume, you can always choose to be a stereotypical goth girl for the night. The outfit would plainly require all of the dark and vampy clothing pieces that you own, plus some dark makeup with no hint of bold color. You can always accessorize with choker necklaces, dark rings and fake piercings.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s important to have some last-minute Halloween costume ideas to rely on. What would be the costume of your choice for Halloween? I think I might prepare and do the nerd costume. :) Share in the comments.

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