7 Common Stains and How to Remove Them ...


Knowing how to remove common stains should be in your laundry knowledge. Stains can, quite simply, ruin an item of clothing, but if you know how to treat them, you at least stand a chance of salvaging what might be a favorite piece from your wardrobe. There are many old wives tales regarding the treatment of common stains so it’s hard to know which ones actually work. I stand by these that follow:

1. Grass Stain

So your children have just gone out in their new jeans, skidded on the grass while playing football (even though they promised they wouldn’t play) and now you need to get the stain off. You’re in luck. With grass being one of the more common stains, you will find many solutions to get it off and get the jeans looking great in no time. Here's the method I found to work the best.

• Let a pre-wash stain remover do its work on the stain for around 15 minutes.

• Use either a toothbrush, nailbrush, or rag to rub the liquid into the stain.

• Wash the item using enzyme based detergent to break down the stain even more.

Ink Stain
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