7 Books to Read This Fall ...


Books To Read This Fall are more than easy to find — narrowing the list down is the hard part! I don’t know about you, but I’m a total bookworm, and wish my schedule allowed me to read more often, especially since there are so many fantastic fall novels. The cooler months are the perfect time to make an excuse to stay inside and read a book. I’ve compiled a list of my must read books for fall!

1. Noughties: a Novel by Ben Masters

Noughties: a Novel by Ben Masters

Price: $13.49 at barnesandnoble.com

As a college student who is halfway through my junior year, this book about life after college definitely sparked my interest. Not to mention, the main character, Eliot Lamb, has a secret crush, gets ominous messages from his ex, and has a tragic secret. I’m dying to start the book just to find out what the tragic secret is! Shh… don’t ruin it for me!

Gone Girl: a Novel by Gillian Flynn
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