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9 Best Book Series That I Love ...

By Heather

Have you ever wondered what the best book series out there is? Do you have a personal preference on what the best book series is? For me, I like all kinds of different book series, so it took me a while to narrow it down to just 9 of them! Now, girls, if you are looking for Twilight or Fifty Shades of Gray, you won't find those book series, as I never read them – remember, this is all about personal choice!

1 The Harry Potter Series

I love, love, love Harry Potter. I honestly can't stop reading them. I have read every book at least three times, British and American versions and honestly, they are beautifully written. The story is amazing, J.K. Rowling is incredible and everything about this best book series screams awesome. If you want to read a book series that is amazing, beautiful and has a great story, this is the one!

2 The Hunger Games

No best book series list would be complete without The Hunger Games! The Hunger Games is by far one of the best series that I've ever read – besides Harry Potter. Not only is the story super unique, but the writing is amazing! I love all of the descriptions and honestly, the story really is pretty awesome. If you haven't jumped on this band wagon yet, you should!

3 Little House on the Prairie

This is an oldie but a goodie! I read this book series when I was a kid and honestly, it is beautiful. There are so many different books to choose from and it's perfect for kids! If you want a child's story that is wholesome yet still has amazing writing, this is the book series for you!

4 The Chronicles of Narnia

I couldn't leave off the Chronicles of Narnia on this list! Not only is this one of the most inventive book series, but it's also totally unique! I spent forever trying to go through my closet so that I could get to Narnia after reading this book series. Have you read it? If not, do it!

5 The Lord of the Rings

With The Hobbit out in theaters right now, I couldn't leave off this book series! I read The Hobbit so long ago and honestly, The Lord of the Rings series was perfect for me! It's so unique, so different and the writing is absolutely beautiful! As you can tell, I'm huge on the flow of the writing and this series? Well, J.R.R Tolkin did it right!

6 A Series of Unfortunate Events

While you might be wondering why I have a bunch of children's books on this list – it's because they are the best! This book series was actually a bunch of children's novels and I fell in love with them! Lemoney Snicket, which is actually just a pen name (and I love that!) for Daniel Handler knew how to write and it's a little morbid too!

7 Anne of Green Gables

Anne of Green Gables was my partner's favorite book series when she was a girl, so when we met, I had to read them just to see what she was talking about. I fell in love with them! They are so beautifully written and even though they are fiction, they are fun for all ages!

8 The Millennium Series

Who doesn't love The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? While it might take a little bit to get into it, the first, second and third books of this series are amazing! If you haven't read these books yet, they are a must girls, I'm serious! They are so unique, so different and they actually are beautifully written.

9 The Dark Tower Series

Finally, the last book series that I'm going to talk about is The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King. What list would be complete without some Stephen King? He not only is a beautiful author, but he's one of those authors that really knows how to describe things and come up with such unique ideas.

So girls, while I might be missing some of your favorite book series, these are my favorites! What are some of yours? Are you missing the Twilight and Fifty Shades of Gray? Sound off on the comments below!

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