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9 Best Pen Pal Websites for Girls of All Ages ...

By Leiann

Are you looking for the best penpal websites? Did you ever have a pen pal as a child? Pen pals are good for any age! Would you like to have some friends? Do you need to broaden your horizons? Are you kind who is better at written communication as opposed to verbal communication? Are you an introvert? Maybe the following video will point you in the right direction so you can find the best penpal websites.

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Published August 12, 2016

1 Penpal Schools
Geared toward teachers with their students.

Good for looking for new friends from all over the world, even maybe for love!

3 Penpal Tradition
Have genuine friends, whether by snail mail or online!

4 Penpals Now!
Penpals for everyone! Fast, free and now!

Emmah I have story ...

5 Penpal-Gate
Meet their 134,795 members and discover their world, maybe even learn a new language!

6 Penpaland
Audio and video calling. Instant messenger. Create groups and events. Customize a profile page. Write your own articles!

7 Hi! Penpal!
Major penpal search and members' blog!

8 Pen Pal World
Private mialbox and powerful search engine!

9 InterPals Penpals
For over a decade, InterPals has been the internet's premier free site for online correspondence, cultural exchange and learning foreign languages.

No more being home alone feeling sorry for yourself. Have access to friends any time of the day or night! Pick and choose your new penpals! Sometimes we need to communicate to people other than our normal circle of face-to-face friends.

As we start this new year, let's see how we can make some healthy lasting relationships.

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