7 Benefits of Having an E-Reader That'll Make You Consider Buying One ...


While Iโ€™ll never completely stray away from purchasing physical books, there are many benefits of having an E-Reader. Two years ago I received an E-Reader as a Christmas gift and I immediately fell in love with it. Here was a device that was solely customized to store my favourite thing: books. As an avid reader who makes countless trips to the bookstore and library, Iโ€™ve found that having an E-Reader has truly been a great investment. Here are seven benefits of having an E-Reader that will make you consider buying one.

1. Takes up Less Space than Physical Books

The first of my benefits of having an E-Reader is that it takes up less space than physical books would in your home. An E-Reader is a small mobile device that stores thousands (and sometimes more, depending on the deviceโ€™s GB of built-in memory) of E-books in one place. Granted, there is a certain homey feeling of having bookshelf upon bookshelf of reading material in your living space, but eventually you might find that youโ€™ve run out of room for all your beloved literature. This is where the E-Reader comes in. If youโ€™re looking to create less clutter in your tiny apartment, or your small bedroom, then the E-Reader would be a good thing to look into.

Provides Privacy
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