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7 Awesome Mandala Tattoo Placements You Should Consider ...

By Vanessa

I'm sure you've already noticed that mandala tattoos are the next "it" piece. Of course, it's not just a pretty design. There's actual meaning behind getting a mandala tattoo and if you believe in what it symbolizes, make it your next tattoo! A Mandala represents wholeness and is a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, beyond and within our bodies and minds. Mandalas are in circular designs to symbolize the notion that life is never ending! Here's some cool placement ideas for mandala tattoos:

1 Down Your Spine

Down Your SpineI love back tattoos because they're only as visible as you'd like them to be. You can keep it covered or show it off to everyone! I think the back is one of the most feminine and delicate places to get a tattoo - but you can easily make it look sexy. Isn't that what we all want? This is just one of cool placements for mandala tattoos! What do you think about back tattoos?

2 Back of Your Arm

Back of Your ArmI think tattoos on the back of your arm are very cool and unique. Honestly, you'd probably forget about it because you won't see it every day (I always forget about the tattoo I have behind my ear) but it'll always be a cool surprise to the people around you. You could make your tattoo big, small, or even start a cool sleeve!

3 Feet

FeetAlthough I've heard that foot tattoos are a bit more painful, I think they're so beautiful. You can either choose to have your mandala tattoo on one foot or go all out and have a "connecting" tattoo. Do you have a foot tattoo?

4 Thigh

ThighI like thigh tattoos because you can cover or reveal them very easily. It's awesome for the summer because, since you're mostly in shorts, you can show off your tattoo all season. If I were to get one I'd add a lot of color to make it really stand out! Would you like your tattoo big or small?

5 Inner Arm

Inner ArmI'm a huge fan of this tattoo placement. In fact, I'm hoping to get a mandala piece on this very spot! I like the location because it's easy for people to see and it's easy for you to admire it throughout the day!

6 Shoulder

ShoulderShoulders tend to be everyone's go-to tattoo placement. It's great because you can cover it easily if you ever needed to. It's a cool place to get a tattoo because there's a lot of room to work with. You can keep it small and have the tattoo near your collarbone or make it big, letting it cover your shoulder. A black and white piece like this one is awesome but personally, I would love to add some color!

7 Ankle

AnkleIf you can't choose between a foot tattoo or a thigh one, opt for an ankle one! You can show it off whenever you're wearing shorts, cropped pants, a skirt, or a dress! If you ever need it covered, you can do easily by wearing pants! Win/win, right?

Well, there you have it. If you're looking to get a mandala tattoo in the near future, you should definitely consider these placements! Which placement did you like best? If you already have a mandala piece, where's it located?

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