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Are You Guilty of These White and Not so White Lies?

By Neecey

It’s a rare person who can claim they have NEVER ever told a lie. Even if you think this is true for you – think back to your childhood; for sure, there was a fib or two. Whether to get out of a situation or something that is simply a falsehood (for whatever reason), these are the most common white and not so white lies.

1 Didn’t See It!

Didn’t See It! “Oh sorry I didn’t reply to your text message. I was in the other room and didn’t take my phone with me. I’ve only just seen it!”

2 You Have It

You Have It “Does anybody want that last donut? Oh, you do? Yeah sure that’s fine. I didn’t want it anyway. I was just asking everyone else!”

3 Sent It!

Sent It! “What email? Oh! The one that you wanted me to send yesterday? I definitely sent is out before I left work. Maybe your computer is broken?”

4 Just One More Episode

Just One More Episode “It’s 3am, I have work in five hours. I’ll just watch one more episode of House Of Cards. I’ll be able to stop after that!”

5 Just One More Cookie

Just One More Cookie “I’ll just have on more cookie. I totally have the will power and inner strength to be able to resist the rest of that chocolatey goodness!”

6 Not That Drunk

Not That Drunk “What do you mean I’m have enough? I’m not even drunk! I’ve only nad one drink, I’M NTO EVNE THAT DRUKN!”

7 Cute Baby!

Cute Baby! “Can I have a look at the little guy? Oh wow! He…. Is…. So…. Cute! Not squished looking or ugly AT ALL!”

8 Train Delay

Train Delay “Sorry I’m late guys! The train was hell; delayed for fifteen minutes and then we just sat on the tracks for another ten!”

9 Over Him

Over Him “Ugh, of course I’m over him. That is ancient history. I definitely don’t think about him every day before I go to bed!”

10 Floss Queen

Floss Queen “Oh sure, I floss every single time I brush my teeth, sometimes three, four times a day. I love me some flossing!”

11 I’ve Already Donated

I’ve Already Donated “Oh no, sorry, I can’t donate to your charity because I already give money to three or four others.”

12 Great Hair

Great Hair “Oh wow, look at your new haircut! That is so cute, it really suits the shape of your face!”

13 Didn’t See You

Didn’t See You “Oh hello, sorry, I wasn’t completely blanking and ignoring from across the room, I just didn’t see you in the crowd!”

14 Wasn’t Me

Wasn’t Me “Is this yours? I’m sorry I don’t know what happened to it. I just picked it up and it was already broken!”

15 Just One Drink

Just One Drink “I’ll just stay for one small drink. I’ve got work early in the morning and I can’t stay out too late.”

16 Not Angry

Not Angry “Don’t worry. I’m not angry. Not angry at all. Sure, you cancelled plans we had made months ago, but I’m definitely not angry!”

17 Love It

Love It “Hi Grandma, thanks so much for those novelty socks you got me for Christmas. I love them. I wear them every day.”

18 On My Way

On My Way “Don’t worry, I’m leaving my house right now. I’m on my way I’ll be there in less than ten minutes!”

19 So Sick

“Sorry, I can’t make tonight. I’ve come down with a really horrible flu in the last 5 hours since you saw me. Have a good time!”

20 Starts Tomorrow

Starts Tomorrow “That is it, the junk food ends right now. First thing tomorrow I’m starting that new diet!”

21 On Sale

“Oh don’t worry, I know it looks expensive but I only bought it because it was on sale. I wouldn’t dare spend that much money!”

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