Are You Actually 🙏🏼 an Old Soul 👵🏼 in Disguise 🤔?

Do you feel like you don't fit in with your peers? Have people often told you that you seem older and wiser than your years? Do you prefer to move at a slower pace? Have you ever felt like you simply see the world differently from everyone else? Sorry for the influx of questions, I'm just curious because, see, you might be an old soul. You've heard that before, right? It typically applies to people who are quiet, introverted, and brooding, maybe even a little moody, but really, it goes so much deeper than that. Do you know how to tell if you're an old soul?

1. You Tend to like to Be Alone

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You enjoy your own company. Being alone doesn't make you lonely. In fact, you're happiest when you're all by yourself.

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