Can You Solve This Tough Bridge Riddle?

By Holly

Can You Solve This Tough Bridge Riddle?

What if you were running from zombies with three other people you were trying to keep alive? It sounds like a silly situation, but if you love riddles, then this one will get you thinking.

There's only one way to get to saftey, and that's by running across the bridge. However, some of you take longer than others to move your feet, and you all have to get to the other side of that bridge in 17 minutes.

For a little more information to help you solve the riddle, watch the video down:

Did you figure out the riddle? How long did it take you?

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Lol good one !

That only took me three minutes to figure out

I saw this riddle on Ted Ed before seeing this. Answer: You and 2nd fastest one cross bridge in 2 min with the lantern (or whatever it is, because IDK if this is the Ted Ed riddle cuz I can't access Youtube with my account,) & there are 15 min left for everyone to get to safety. Then, you dash across the bridge to the slower people while 2nd fastest one stays on the safer side of bridge. 14 min left. You hand the lantern or whatever it is to the 2 slowest people, and they cross in 10 min. You have 4 min left. This is when 2nd fastest person crosses the bridge with the lantern or whatever to make sure you can see, and you both cross in the remaining 2 min, using the scissors you brought to cut the rope so the zombies can't follow you and get to safety. This is the only solution because it takes the exact time you need. I really love this riddle. Hey, did anyone get the order and solution correct? If you didn't understand what I explained earlier, I'll simplify it: 1: You and 2nd fastest person cross bridge in 2 min. 15 min left. 2: You cross bridge to side where the slowest people are in 1 min. 14 min left. 3: Give lantern to slowest people, they cross in 10 min. 4 risky min left. 4: 2nd fastest person takes lantern from slowest people, runs back to you. 2 min left. 5: Get across the bridge and cut the ropes as quick as you can! 0 min left, you are safe. Get it?

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