7 Affordable Photography Tools for the Photographer on a Budget ...

While some people may be under the impression that professional quality digital photography can come at a hefty cost, there are affordable photography tools available for any level photographer. Whether you’re looking to start a new hobby or you’re looking to venture into photography as a career, you don’t have to snap away your paychecks on primo equipment. With these 7 picks for affordable photography tools, you’ll be camera ready in a flash.

1. Sunpak Platinum plus Tripod

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Standing over 5 feet tall, this durable tripod by Sunpak is an economical choice for photographers in need of some sturdy support. Whether you’re shooting a landscape, a group portrait or a product closeup, a reliable tripod is one of the affordable photography tools you won’t want to be without. While this platinum plus tripod would typically cost $50 or more, BestBuy.com is offering it at under $35. It’s a steal!

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