A Photographic Insight into the World of Jellyfish ...


A Photographic Insight into the World of Jellyfish ...
A Photographic Insight into the World of Jellyfish ...

Jellyfish are probably not the most favorite of marine creatures but they sure are fascinating and when you see some of these photos, you'll agree they're actually very beautiful too. We should have respect for them too because they have been around in our oceans for more than 700 million years, making them the oldest known multi-organ animal on Earth. They are a very diverse species too - ranging from the minuscule to the huge and come in an amazing range of shapes and colors. Hold my hand because we're diving into the world of jellyfish. No breathing apparatus necessary!

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Via Incredible photos of Jellyfish by ...
If you want to see an amazing collection of photos of jellyfish, check out Alexander Semenov. His work is absolutely s t u n n i n g.


Alexander Semenov is a renowned underwater photographer and marine biologist who has dedicated his career to capturing the beauty and mystery of jellyfish. His stunning photographs have been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions, showcasing the incredible diversity and complexity of these creatures. Semenov's work has also shed light on the important role that jellyfish play in our oceans, from providing food for other marine animals to helping maintain the delicate balance of marine ecosystems. Through his photographs, he hopes to inspire a deeper appreciation and understanding of these often misunderstood creatures.


Box Jellyfish

Via Norbert Wu - Antarctic images ...
The deadly box jellyfish is the only jellyfish that can see.


Lion's Mane Jellyfish

Via Lions Mane Jelly
The largest known species of jellyfish. The largest recorded specimen was washed up in Massachusetts in 1870. It had a bell (body) with a diameter of 7 feet 6 inches and tentacles 120 feet long.


A Shelter for Fish

Via Gabon Expedition: Oil Rigs Are ...
Small fish find a home among the tentacles of large jellyfish.


Mauve Stinger

Via EUO © OCEANA Carlos Minguell ...
A jellyfish commonly seen in the Mediterranean.


A Pink One!

Via beneaththesea.org
Sorry, have no idea which one this is - just loved its color.


Bioluminescent and Fluorescent Jellyfish

Via Jellyfish, Both Bioluminescent and Fluorescent
A lot of the species are bioluminescent.


Spotted Dancing Jellyfish

Via In the deep dark Sea
This one lives in Berlin Zoo, Germany.


Tank of Jelly

Via Sea Jellies - Translucent
They're so beautiful but terrifying at the same time.



Via 8 Beautiful Bioluminescent Creatures From ...
Not much is known about these deep-water jellyfish, which have been found off the coast of Antarctica and Alaska.


Cassiopea Xamachana

Via Nature - Week 3 Gallery ...
Photographed in Chetumal Bay, Mexico.


Purple-Striped Jellyfish

Via Jellyfish
And this one was shot in Monterey, although the photographer admits to photoshopping the colors to make them darker and stand out.


Cannonball Jellyfish

Via 17 Most Beautiful Jellyfish Species ...
Cannonballs are prominent from North America’s eastern seaboard all the way to Brazil.


Tulip Jellyfish

Via Jellyfish by GIVEthemHORNS on DeviantArt
How incredible is this?


Black Sea Nettle

Via Jellyfish Photos -- National Geographic
A species of jellyfish that can be found in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is a giant jellyfish, with its bell measuring up to 1 m (3 ft) in size, and its oral arms extending up to 6 m (20 ft) in length


Starburst Jellyfish

Via 35 Beautiful jellyfish in ocean ...
They look just like fireworks.


Atolla Wyvillei

Via Photo Uploader for Pinterest
A species of deep sea-dwelling crown jellyfish.


Jellyfish Lake in Palau

Via Isotope - Oracle Fox
The lake is packed to the gills with two different species of jellyfish - the golden jellyfish and moon jellyfish.


Darth Vader

Via Jellyfish Print, Nature Print, Beach ...
Well it's not really Dart Vader - it's the Narcomedusae
Found in the Arctic, this is a fairly new discovered species with 4 tentacles and 12 stomach pouches. It swims holding out its poisoned tentacles in front, better to ambush prey.



Via The Deep Sea Conservation Coalition ...
A deep water jellyfish, normally living at depths of 200-2500 meters.



Via Yellyfish
Photographed at Quays site, Ras Mohamed Park, Egypt.


Rhizostoma Pulmo

Via Rhizostoma pulmo
Also known as the Barrel jellyfish, or the Dustbin-lid jellyfish. It is the largest jellyfish found in British waters.


Flame Jellyfish

Via Yahoo - login
Such an incredible color.


Blue Blubber Jellyfish

Via British Jellyfish
The most commonly encountered jellyfish along the Australian eastern coast.


Flower Hat Jellyfish

Via The Fashionista Flower Hat Jelly ...
The flower hat jelly is a rare species of jellyfish occurring primarily in waters off Brazil, Argentina, and southern Japan.


Bell Jellyfish

Via Bell Jellyfish01 02-28-13
You can see amazing jellyfish in aquariums - like this on at the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla, California.


Spotted Jellyfish

Via deep blue sea
Also called the Australian Spotted Jellyfish, these are native to the Pacific Southwest waters.


Aurelia Aurita

Via Elfo Cinzento
Moon Jellyfish sure do look incredible when they congregate.


Phyllorhiza Punctata

Via White-spotted Jellyfish swimming - Australian ...
I know we've seen white-spotted jellyfish but this photo is too good to pass.


"Scottish" Jellyfish

Via Best Wildlife Pictures: British Nature ...
This shot won the title of Best Picture in the British Nature Awards 2011.


Mauve Jellyfish

Via Fascinantes imágenes de medusas - ...
Don't you just love this color?


Portuguese Man O'War

Via Portuguese Man O' War (Physalia ...
Eek! This species and the smaller Indo-Pacific man o' war are responsible for up to 10,000 human stings in Australia each summer, particularly on the east coast, with some others occurring off the coasts of South and Western Australia.


A Lion's Mane Jellyfish Eating a Moon Jellyfish

Via The monsters of the deep ...
Well a jellyfish has to eat too!


Desmonema Glaciale

Via gossamer gorgeous of the deep
It looks like ruffles and lace.


Desmonema Glaciale, also known as the "Gossamer Gorgeous of the Deep," is a species of jellyfish found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It is known for its delicate and intricate appearance, resembling ruffles and lace. This jellyfish is translucent and has a bell-shaped body with long tentacles that can reach up to 3 meters in length. It feeds on small fish and plankton, using its stinging cells to capture prey. Despite its beauty, the Desmonema Glaciale can be dangerous to humans, as its sting can cause severe pain and skin irritation. Due to its habitat in cold waters, it has adapted to survive in extreme conditions, making it a fascinating creature to study.


Jellyfish off Pearl & Hermes Atoll, Hawaii

Via oceanservice.noaa.gov
Is this what a jellyfish would look like if Versace designed it?


Fried Egg Jellyfish

Via World's Most Colorful and Unique ...
This type of jellyfish lives in the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Aegean seas. It is also one of the few jellies that can locomote on its own, not just relying on current.



Via History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, ...
Is there any shape or color way jellyfish don't come in?


Deep Water Jellyfish

Via The Blue Oceans Wonder
One of the beautiful things about photos of jellyfish is that their wonderful shapes and colors really stand out against the dark background of deep ocean waters.


Inner Glow

Via In pictures: The world's best ...
This amazing specimen was photographed at Ningaloo Reef, Australia.

And here endeth the excursion into the world of jellyfish. Do tell us of your experiences with jellyfish if you've had any.

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I have always been so fascinated by these magnificent creatures!

So pretty

Wow the photo of the mauve stinger is my favourite, love the water :) the tulip one is amazing!!


I've been stung by a jellyfish. Thankfully it was nothing I couldn't handle. Not sure what type of jellyfish it was.

We ran into a baby Man of War, or bluebottle, off of Kailua Beach back in October. The color was astoundingly beautiful!

Just stunning!!!! What an amazingly beautiful world we live in. There is just sooo much to see, isn't there???? WOW!! Thanks for this article Neecy!

Our🌎 is amazing such beautiful awesome creatures and animals

amazing photos

Sorry, Neecey!

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