9 Stunning Birds of Paradise ...

The birds of paradise are some of the most colorful in the world and they are also well known for their carefully choreographed courtship displays that are sometimes quite comedic. As with all birds, it is the males that enjoy the magnificent plumage and colors, all of which are put to good use to wooing the lady birds. An endless source of fascination for all lovers of wildlife and nature, the birds of paradise are aptly named.

1. Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise

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When you think of birds of paradise, it is brightly colored plumage that springs to mind. There’s no doubting that the jewel colors of Wilson’s bird-of-paradise marks it out as one of the species. Indeed, so bright are the markings that the bird’s blue head is visible at night. Its other distinguishing mark is the curlicue silver tail. Wilson’s is one of the smaller species and its habitat is the West Papua islands of Indonesia.

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