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These Surreal Photos Will Transport You to Another World

By A.J.

Watching a surreal photo can mesmerize you instantly or make you mumble "What the...!?" No matter your first reaction, when you take a closer look and think about the idea behind it and the way it was put into practice, that's when the real magic happens. Pack your bags, girls, because we're going on a short trip out of this world today!

1 Mood Swings

Mood Swings

2 Last Drop

Last Drop

3 World in a Bottle

World in a Bottle

4 New Face

New Face

5 Slave Angel

Slave Angel

6 Go on

Go on

7 Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

8 Fragmented


9 Gate


10 The Storyteller

The Storyteller

11 Possibilities


12 A Break in Reality

A Break in Reality

13 Step into My Office

Step into My Office

14 A Series of Strange Events

A Series of Strange Events

15 Cry Me a River

Cry Me a River

16 Treebeard


17 Washing Time

Washing Time

18 Play with Clouds

Play with Clouds

19 Flying High

Flying High

20 Smooth Criminal

Smooth Criminal

21 Hide


22 Control


23 Strangeness and Beauty

Strangeness and Beauty

24 Imagination in Emptiness

Imagination in Emptiness

25 The Candy Cane Witch

The Candy Cane Witch Sorry or not, it's time to head back to reality now. Which one of these brilliant photos has impressed you the most and what do you make of it?

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