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23 Photos of the Most Perfect Closets to Drool over ...

By Jennifer

My closet in 1950s-style dark and tiny, not a walk in, with barely enough room for one season's worth of clothes, so once in a while, I like to dream about having a fabulous storage space for my entire wardrobe. Let's dream together, with this drool-worthy collection of closets, shall we?

1 Look at All the Shoes!

room,furniture,retail,cabinetry,boutique,Source: Gray Closets - Contemporary

2 Patterns!

room,art,Source: Sometimes a Girl Needs A


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Mug treats

3 Light & Airy

room,furniture,closet,wardrobe,home,Source: The IKEA Product That's a

4 Pretty in Pink

room,property,furniture,closet,home,Source: The IKEA Product That's a

5 So Organized!

retail,room,boutique,floor,interior design,Source: The Most Unreal Real Housewives

6 So Luxe!

room,living room,home,interior design,furniture,Source: Real-Life Inspiration: Converting a Bedroom

7 Love the Colors

room,interior design,party,living room,Source: 6 Attractive Decorative Bathroom Ideas

8 Forget the Folding Doors

room,curtain,interior design,textile,window treatment,Source: sarah m. dorsey designs: Drapery

9 Accessories Heaven

furniture,room,table,floristry,interior design,Source: Built In Jewelry Drawers

10 Plush

room,furniture,cabinetry,living room,ceiling,Source: 13 Enviable Closets From Pinterest

11 Glitz & Glam

room,floor,home,bathroom,living room,Source: Duchamps Storage Mirror

12 Black & White

black,white,room,boutique,furniture,Source: Lauren’s Closet Tour – Part

13 Very Organized

room,retail,interior design,boutique,design,Source: Closet Island - closet

14 Two Stories

room,product,stairs,ceiling,interior design,Source: You Can Now Own The

15 Beautiful

room,home,interior design,living room,floor,Source: Sunset Plaza by Smith Firestone

16 Sasha Bikoff Style

room,closet,furniture,112ljillain,lling,Source: Peek Inside NYC It Interior

17 Everything in Its Place

room,furniture,closet,wardrobe,Source: The 15 Most Stunning Closets

18 For the Baby

room,interior design,furniture,dining room,cabinetry,Source: 25 Hacks To Make Room

19 Somewhat Attainable?

furniture,room,closet,wardrobe,war,Source: How to organize an awkward

20 Jewelry Storage

room,wall,living room,floor,interior design,Source: 7 Ideas for Creative Master

21 His & Hers Sides

room,floor,interior design,home,living room,Source: South Shore Decorating Blog: What

22 If Only...

furniture,room,living room,home,interior design,Source: Wardrobe Function

23 More Shoes

furniture,room,boutique,cabinetry,interior design,Source: Inspiring Shoe Storage Solutions

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