7 Crazy Reasons Guys Take Way Too Many Selfies ...


7 Crazy Reasons Guys Take Way Too Many Selfies ...
7 Crazy Reasons Guys Take Way Too Many Selfies ...

First of all, I have no problem with guys taking selfies. However, there comes a point where some guys take way too many selfies. They become so self absorbed that they only care about getting that next perfect selfie. So why do guys go selfie crazy? The reasons must just surprise you. Of course, if you're with that guy, you might already know the answer.

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Show How Buff They Are

Guys who are ready to buff up sometimes get a little carried away with their camera. From the first push-up, they believe they need to take a selfie with every exercise and workout. After all, they wouldn't want anyone to miss seeing them looking super sweaty while sitting on a weight bench. Basically, this is a guy's way of showing off how hot they're becoming. For women, we just see sweaty, smelly guy. It's not exactly the positive reaction they're hoping for, but it's the truth.


Show Their Feminine Side

For the most part, women take the most selfies. Let's face it, we love taking photos and thoroughly enjoy all the attention those selfies get us. Guys know this little secret. They also think if they take more selfies than you, you'll think they're more sensitive. In a world, where some women swoon over a sparkly vampire, I can't really blame them on this one. Of course, it's still a little weird and not really necessary.


Look Famous

Just like us, guys tend to follow the trends set forth by famous guys. It's too bad that some guys follow the wrong example. For instance, Justin Bieber takes far too many selfies. Some guys see this and think they should do the same thing. After all, if famous guys are doing it, they should too. The best argument for this one I've seen is Chuck Norris doesn't do it. I suggest using this argument if your guy has a selfie addiction.


Loves Playing with Photo Apps

While a guy could just take a photo of anything, some take a ton of selfies for the sole purpose of playing with the latest photo apps. Odds are, they either love making themselves look silly or they actually enjoy photography. Either way, I wouldn't worry too much about this one. It could get annoying, but at least there's a valid reason for why he's modeling for his own phone.


To Mock You

This is probably the worst reason on the entire list. If you love taking selfies, you guy might get a tad jealous that you're spending so much time with your phone. How does he deal with it? He starts trying to mock you. Of course, he just looks crazy, but he thinks he's making a point. For this one, just proceed as usual and let his friends handle things. Trust me, they won't have any problem telling him to ease up on the selfies.


They're Insecure

Believe it or not, guys can be even more insecure than we are sometimes. To help them deal with their insecurity, they take selfies and post to social media. They hope they'll get positive feedback to boost their ego. The better the feedback, though, the more selfies they want to take. It's an endless cycle. On the plus side, they feel more confident. On the other hand, it's a little crazy and may make you wonder what your guy is thinking.


Show off Their Stuff

How many guy selfies have you seen where he's posing with his latest acquisition? Guys love to show off. This is especially true with other guys. Maybe he got the latest video game before his buddies and wants to rub it in their faces. Guys love selfies that show off their latest purchases and even achievements. It's not really that they're addicted to selfies. They just like making their friends jealous.

Whether you've experienced it yourself or not, many guys do take way too many selfies. If it's a problem for you, don't be afraid to speak up and find out why he's doing it. The answer could be reasonable or it might just be a little crazy. Does your guy love taking selfies or not?

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The "Chuck Norris doesn't take selfies" argument made me laugh. Good one!

I know to many girls that do this, not guys.

Personally, I think taking selfies is vain.

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