Editing Teen Selfies to Spruce up Your Social Media ...


Editing Teen Selfies to Spruce up Your Social Media ...
Editing Teen Selfies to Spruce up Your Social Media ...

Now that you're smartphone's full of selfies, what do you do with them? Sure, you could just post them to Instagram or some other site, but everyone's doing that. You don't have to settle for the same old thing. Get creative with your selfies and have fun. Believe it or not, there's quite a few fun things you could do with your selfies.

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Create a Collage

If you have several years worth of selfies, create a collage. Use a photo editor to crop each photo until they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. It's a great way to see how much you've changed or remember all the things you've done over the years. For instance, putting together a teen selfie collage for high school or college is a fun way to remember some of the best years of your life. It's easy to do and you can either post the collage or print it out and hang it. Or try putting together a teen selfie collage of you and your friends! Print and frame for the best memories ever.


Turn Them into Quotes

While many people use filters and frames for their teen selfies, some are starting to get even more creative. They're using their selfies to further express themselves by adding quotes. You could use a favorite quote, an inside joke, song lyrics, a personal bit of wisdom or anything else. Add the quote to your picture and post as you normally would. This is a great way to tell everyone exactly how you were feeling or what you were thinking when you took the selfie.


Turn Them into a Game

Have fun with your teen selfies by turning them into a trivia game for your friends. Pick some of your favorites and see if your friends really know you. Have them guess where you were or who was with you when they were taken. It's even better if your friends include their selfies too. You could create cards with each selfie and have everyone write down their responses. Whoever gets the most points wins. The best thing – you'll always have new selfies to add to the game. Another idea is to create a selfie treasure hunt.


Wear Them

It might sound arrogant, but I've actually seen some people wearing their selfies. I saw one guy who had five selfies on his shirt with landmarks from around the world in the background of each. He had “Selfie Traveler” above the pictures. I thought that was an incredible idea. Of course, you could use any theme you like. Best friends could wear each other's selfies and with “BFF” above the pictures. Get creative and wear your selfies proudly.


Create Scrapbooks

For this one, I recommend having several people get involved. It'll be easier to create a more elaborate scrapbook. You can either use a physical or digital scrapbook. The idea is to gather selfies from important moments in your life, including selfies from friends. Add comments, lyrics and other images to each page to bring your selfies to life. Think of it as your very own yearbook, but you don't have worry about pictures of people or events that don't matter to you.


Send Greeting Cards

Whether it's an actual card or an e-card, use your selfies to give the card your own personal stamp. For instance, a card might say “Guess who loves you?” on the outside and when the person opens it, it's a selfie of you smiling. It's corny, I know. Still, it's fun. There's no end to how creative you can get with this. Plus, family members will love it, especially parents and grandparents. Add multiple selfies or put your selfie collage in the card. Alternately, you could also create calendars for your friends and family so they remember you all year.


Enter Contests

Selfies aren't just for you and your friends to see. Numerous contests are available that want your selfies. The fun and creative the selfie, the more likely you are to win. Instagram is full of businesses running contests. The prizes range anywhere from money and products to being featured nationally in an ad campaign. Imagine seeing your selfie go viral.

Selfies are a great way to express yourself. Don't fall into a rut when taking or posting them. Get truly creative and really express yourself. What creative things have you done with your selfies?

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