7 Shopping Mistakes ...


Unless money is no object, shopping is something of an art form. Balancing cost against quality, usefulness and convenience can be very difficult, and confronted with an item you just really, REALLY want, it’s easy to lose control. Unfortunately, this kind of momentary lapse can result in financial catastrophe so unless you’re ok with living on pot noodles and ketchup until your next payday, it’s important to avoid the fatal splurge. To help you identify potentially disastrous retail situations, I’ve asked around and done a little research, and put together a list of 7 shopping mistakes.

1. The Rush Factor

Good shopping, like a fine wine, cannot be hurried. Never try to cram yours into a lunch break or rush through the mall on your way to an appointment. If you have a very limited time you won’t be able to take stock of all the products available to you. Without a good idea of what’s on the shelves, you can’t make an informed decision; how to tell which is the best item if you haven’t seen them all? Don’t blitz through a store no matter what you’re buying; plan your retail excursions, and only hit the stores when you’ve got a window that’s definitely big enough.

The ‘I Just Want to Buy Something’ Crisis
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