7 Ways to Keep Drama off πŸ“΅ Your Social Media Account for a Happier πŸ™‚ Place to Stay Connected πŸ“² ...


How many times have you seen a drama blow up on social media?

It happens all the time.

Some people seem to thrive on starting fights and taking offence, while sometimes it's just a misunderstanding.

But the commotion that happen on social media can make it a very unpleasant place to be.

So here's how to avoid drama on your social media accounts …2

1. Think before Posting

Always, always think twice before you post anything.

And never post a comment when you're angry;

even if you change your mind and delete the post or picture it may be too late.2

Not every form of social media comes with an edit function, and even if it does someone may still see your post before you delete it.

Be Very Selective Who You Allow to Follow You
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