11 Things to Put in a Christmas Gift Basket ...


If you're trying to think of things to put in a Christmas gift basket, get inspired by the chilly winter season.

Gift baskets make great Christmas presents because they have a personal touch, and they can actually be pretty fun to put together.2

Just choose a theme and try to come up with items that fit that theme.

I really like the idea of a gift basket that's full of items that are perfect for a cozy night in, so here's a look at some things to put in a Christmas gift basket that will help to take the icy edge off of the winter chill:

1. Something Warm and Cozy

Something Warm and Cozy

Some of the best things to put in a Christmas gift basket for a night in are items that the recipient will want to wear while snuggled up in front of the fireplace.

If you know the recipient's size, you could look for a cozy pair of flannel PJ pants decorated with a Christmas design.

Check out Target or Old Navy for cute jammies that aren't too expensive.

You could also look for a pair of cozy Christmas-themed slippers or socks.

One of the best small gifts I ever received was a pair of soft chenille socksโ€”they're comfier than slippers and will keep feet just as warm.

My husband was actually pretty jealous of them, so don't be afraid to buy a pair for a guy's gift basket.

Microwave Popcorn
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