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I love random acts of kindness, I honestly think everyone should aim to do at least one per week.3

It not only helps out or cheers up another person, I promise you it will make you feel good inside as well.

People who are close to us expect us to be kind and generous, but strangers are often shocked when you do something above and beyond for them.

Itโ€™s the acts of kindness you bestow on the people you donโ€™t know that I think warm the heart the most.

1. Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

Random acts of kindness donโ€™t have to be about giving money, but with unemployment at the rate it is and the economy still shaky, paying a fee for someone else may just make their day.

The next time you drive through a toll booth, pay for the person behind you as well.

Standing behind someone in a coffee shop?

When the barista tells them their total, slip in and pay for their order.

Think of how surprised and grateful you would be if someone did that for you.

2. Anonymous Card

Anonymous Card

Cell phones and email have drastically reduced the amount of greeting cards or hand written letters we all send.

A handwritten message is such a special and meaningful gesture and it only takes a minute or two to write out a few sweet sentences or a simple โ€œthank you for being you.โ€ Most dollar stores sell cards, but you can always make your own with stuff you already have.

Everyone loves to know someone is thinking of them, brighten someoneโ€™s day by mailing them a card or tucking a note into their front door.

3. Embrace the Elderly

Embrace the Elderly

Many elderly folks live alone, have no family near or are left alone in nursing homes with only the rare visitor here and there.

Having a visitor to read to them or listen to their stories means the world to some of them.

I used to go every week when I was younger and visit with people in the nursing home down the street from me.2

I would read to some, play checkers or put puzzles together with some.

There was one man who had been in the war and loved to tell me all of his stories.

He had family but they lived hours away and never came to see him.

My family sort of adopted him;

we took him to our house for his birthday and gave him presents and a cake.

Visiting with people who have an entire lifetime of wisdom and experience and no one to share it with ends up helping you both in the long run!

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