7 Practical Tips on Organizing a Tiny Closet ...


Do you ever find yourself wondering how to organize a tiny closet because youโ€™ve got so much stuff and youโ€™re trying to stuff it all in such a small space?

Not to worry!

Iโ€™ve got 7 practical tips on organizing even the smallest closets that should make it much easier for you to deal with the limited space while still keeping things organized.

1. Hang It up

When youโ€™re organizing a small closet, the first order of business is to toss out items you no longer want.2

Getting rid of unwanted items opens up space but remember that you can also use other areas to organize and display your things;

it doesnโ€™t all have to go inside the closet.

If you have lots of scarves, purses or basically anything that you can hang up, think about getting a wall rack that you can mount on the wall and keep things orderly and beautifully arranged!

2. Stowaway Seasonals

This tip on how to organize a tiny closet is perfect for this time of year because youโ€™ll soon put away all of your summer gear and pull out your fall clothing.

Take this opportunity to get some storage containers to stow away seasonal clothes under your bed or in another room and keep it out of your way.

If youโ€™re really stuck in cramped quarters, consider getting space bag so your clothes are flat, air and water tight and youโ€™re left with even more space in the closet!

3. Showroom Quality

Similar to tip 1 on how to organize a small closet, if you have items that you love but donโ€™t have the room in the closet, put it on display!

There are lots of creative ways to display clothing depending on the size of the room.

Hang denim up on a rack, show off coats on coat hooks or a rack or some even like to frame or hang up certain pieces of clothing around their apartment or house as art.

If you want a less showy way of organizing, consider getting an armoire or standing shelf.

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