7 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Closet That Anyone Can Try ...


7 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Closet That Anyone Can Try ...
7 Easy Tips for Organizing Your Closet That Anyone Can Try ...

Organizing anything can be quite a nightmare if not approached correctly. Guest contributor Hirva shares her tips on how you can ease the process. Thanks Hirva!

It is rightly said "For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned". Organizing your closet is a pain. But rightly organizing your closet will maximize your space and make it easier to manage. Below are some tips and ideas on how you can easily organize your closet.

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Choose the Right Closet

Matching your closet with your room is very important. It gives a good feeling and looks organized with other things in the room. Nowadays there are so many design options and door types available. Not to mention different materials including wood, steel, glass. Choose the one you feel will be part of your room and you'll instantly want to keep it clean!


Closet Space

When you choose a new house or are thinking of buying a closet, look at the space where you have to place your closet. With a walk-in closet, your personal belongings become more organized, easily found and it gives it a personal boutique feel. But it needs more space. If you have space constraints you can try building your wardrobe with wall shelves and rods or try concealing it into the wall panels.You can even try rubber-maid closet designs for optimal usage of your space.


Use Closet Organizers

The market is full of closet storage and organizing products which helps you to organize your clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc in a neat manner. You can use bins and baskets , wall mounted shoe racks, built in laundry baskets, scarf or cap sliding rack. These closet organizer products will help you to declutter the things easily and the wardrobe will look more clean and systematic.


Use Ease My Wardrobe App

In the world of smartphones you can use Ease my wardrobe app which serves as your virtual closet. You can take pictures of your clothes, accessories, add details of them and save it all. You can even add your own categories like you can separate tops , bottoms, caps and others. When its time to get dressed you search your pair right within this app. As it has all your options you can quickly choose what to wear instead of messing up with your neat closet. You can match your clothes and accessories without undressing or walking into your closet and moreover you can see all your options all together.


Separate Kids Wardrobe

Always keep the kids wardrobe separate from yours. This is because their needs of changing are much quicker than us. Also their clothes and things are smaller and need to be taken care of. So try building a separate wardrobe for kids. If you have a space issue try adding some shelves and placing things in different baskets with labels on it. It gives quick access and also looks good in your room.


Plan a Shoe Storage

Shoes always flood your storage and some require care like occasional shoes, seasonal wears etc. Keep the shoes on the shelves of your wardrobe in easy to see plastic boxes. You can label the boxes even to separate the party wears. Here also try separating kids shoes by turning a old shoe rack into a kids rack by just painting it in pink or blue color. It gives it a new look and they will love it. For flats and sandals try hanging them on to wire hangers in a row. With this you will be able to see all the options together.


Once a Week, Peek in Your Closet

Give 1 hour to your closet every week. Fix a day and time to organize or just peek into your wardrobe. This habit will help you to keep your lovely closet neat , clean and you can throw out the unused things. Also going through it once a week will help you to know what is about to finish or needs any ironing , laundry or repair.

These are small but very useful tips by which you can organize your closet more easily and at the time of dressing you can avoid situations like not being able to find your best match, missing fuchsia party shoes or messing up with accessories.

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