7 Reasons to Get Rid of Clutter in the Bedroom ...


7 Reasons to Get Rid of Clutter in the Bedroom ...
7 Reasons to Get Rid of Clutter in the Bedroom ...

There are many reasons to get rid of clutter in the bedroom. Clutter isn’t a good idea anywhere in your house but it seems to gather more readily in the bedroom; at least this is the case at my house. Maybe this is because it is the room I tend to clean last. See if any of these reasons to get rid of clutter apply to you and your bedroom.

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It Collects Dust

Clutter collects dust. Dust is unsightly and for allergy sufferers such as myself, it's the enemy. Allowing clutter to accumulate in my bedroom is not a wise decision for my health. Although I will admit that a little clutter gathers from time to time, this has been one of the great reasons to get rid of clutter for me. One way I do this is by making a practice of putting things in their place.


It Does Not Promote Rest

Clutter does not promote rest. Your bedroom needs to be a peaceful, tranquil environment that makes you feel restful. It should be a place that makes you want to enjoy sleeping. If you have clutter everywhere, it isn’t going to have a peaceful feel to it. You may even find that you dread going in there.


It is Distracting

Clutter is distracting; at least it is to me. I think it can take away from a beautifully decorated room. It calls attention to itself. You can walk in a room that is very neat except for a pile of clutter on the dresser and guess what your eyes will zero in on? You want the focus to be on your lovely bedroom, not a stack of paperwork or other clutter that needs to be dealt with.


It Makes You Want to Clean

Clutter may not make you want to clean, but it makes me want to. If I see that I have a bit of clutter growing in the bedroom, then I want to clean it every time I wander through or retire for the night. This is aggravating. I am much better off when I just deal with the clutter before it actually becomes clutter. I can relax much more easily this way.


It Makes You Avoid Your Bedroom

If clutter gets too out of hand, it can make you just want to avoid it. And when it is in your bedroom, that is not a good thing because then you are avoiding it because it is where you spend a large portion of your time. You want to look forward to going to your bedroom at the end of the day, not dread it. This is good motivation to prevent clutter, in my opinion. I want my bedroom to be restful as well as attractive.


It Makes You Stressed

Clutter can make you stressed. It does me. I do not like too much of anything. I guess I am somewhat of a minimalist and that would include dealing with clutter. I am a use it or lose it kind of gal and I try to apply this philosophy to prevent a clutter issue. Keeping the clutter down helps to make you feel more peaceful.


It Makes You Embarrassed

Not a lot of people are in the bedrooms of most of us but if they are, do you really want them to see a pile of clutter? It is embarrassing. I want visitors to our home to see an orderly home throughout the whole house. Keeping clutter down is one key to this. When you have a clutter free bedroom, you can rest easy that your bedroom is neat and tidy.

Clutter is not good for many different reasons. Does clutter seem to gather in your bedroom, too? How do you handle it?

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