7 Insanely Funny YouTube Channels Worth Subscribing to ...


When you’re bored, it’s always good to have some funny YouTube channels to watch.

There are millions of videos, but it can be difficult to find the best ones.

To keep you from wasting your time searching for entertainment, I’ve compiled a list of funny YouTube channels that are worthy of your attention.

Get ready to laugh!

1. Danisnotonfire


Who doesn’t like cute, funny boys with adorable accents?

Dan tells stories about his life, lists the reasons why he’s a ‘fail,’ and gives advice to his viewers.

If you’re a teenager or in your early twenties, he’s easy to relate to.

He procrastinates, gets obsessed with television shows, and likes to just joke around.2

If you’re looking for funny YouTube channels, be sure to check out Dan and his best friend, Phil, who has his own YouTube channel called AmazingPhil.

2. Davedays


If you like funny songs or good music in general, Dave will entertain you.

His songs contain clever lyrics, upbeat tunes, and many references to Miley Cyrus.2

He has a continuing joke that involves her cardboard cutout and in “My Last Song for Miley,” she actually makes an appearance.

He makes original music, covers, and parodies like “I Just Held Hands” based on a Lonely Island song.

So check out his channel if you’re in a musical mood.2

3. JennaMarbles


Jenna has videos that make fun of both genders.

She explains how girls get dressed and how guys fall asleep.

She also has a video where she lists the things that boys don’t understand.

She keeps everything lighthearted and always includes her two adorable doggies.

If you want to watch someone pretty and silly, Jenna is your girl.

4. Blimeycow


If you’re looking for life advice that includes humor, check out blimeycow’s channel.

New videos come out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The topics include subjects like the things you should never say to a girl and things that everybody needs to be told.2

Even though there are funny moments, the videos contain advice that everyone should follow.

Browse this channel to find helpful videos that relate to your situation.

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