15 Great TV Shows That Were Cancelled in Their Prime ...


15 Great TV Shows That Were Cancelled in Their Prime ...
15 Great TV Shows That Were Cancelled in Their Prime ...

We've all been there, we've fallen in love with a TV show only to find out that that new show you love is now on the list of great TV shows that were cancelled too soon. And what's worse, they were just getting into a really good story line or the show had just started! I have a whole list of TV shows that were cancelled before they should have been, but these are the 7 shows that had so much greatness and were cancelled too soon.

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Do No Harm

Do No Harm On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
This show only got 2 episodes but I thought those 2 episodes were witty and original and INTERESTING! This is one of the TV shows that were cancelled that I loved most! The premise of the show is that handsome Doctor Jason Cole turns into a dark alter ego, Ian Price, at the same time every night. But the dynamic between these two feuding personalities sharing one body is actually very entertaining.


Zero Hour

Zero Hour On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
This TV show is a little harder to explain than "Do No Harm" because it's all plot twists and turns, and if you don't pay attention you'll get lost. Without giving too much away, a journalist whose whole career has been about proving conspiracies wrong gets pulled into one of the largest historical conspiracies when his wife is abducted by a mad man from her clock shop. He then follows clues provided by the clock and by her to try and find the man that took her and get her back.



Firefly On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
After all these years, I'm still upset that Firefly was cancelled (even if I did get a movie out of it, it's just not enough). I know that it's a sci-fi show but it is so good and witty. You'll get connected to the characters that play the crew of the Serenity and the story draws you in!


Arrested Development

Arrested Development On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Although Netflix has picked this show back up and released a fourth season, the fact is that this show was cancelled for a long time. It has a star studded cast and it's hilarious (honestly, the first 3 seasons are a lot funnier than the 4th but, even the 4th season is funny). It's basically a story about the Bluth family, a rich and seriously out of touch with reality family whose patriarch, George Sr., is sent to prison for some shifty business practices and how Micheal, his son, tries to guide his family through a tough time, even if they fight him every step of the way.


Better off Ted

Better off Ted On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
This is the story of the lovable Ted, the head of research at a company with seriously morally questionable practices. He has an evil boss, a lovable team and a flirtatious research analyst. It's a very funny show that has the funniest moral dilemmas.

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Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
I LOVED this series (especially since I'm a bit of a nerd). It's basically the story of Batman and Catwoman's secret daughter trying to continue her father's legacy after Batman leaves Gotham City. She has the help of Batgirl and Dinah (Black Canary if you follow comic books at all). It was out before the big superhero craze set in, which is the reason I think it was cancelled, but it really is an interesting (and a little dark) take on Gotham after Batman.


Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks On Amazon: amazon.com
This show was honest and funny, that's the first thing that I have to say. Nobody got all their problems solved in really television-ish ways, things unraveled the way that they did in real life. The show followed Lindsay and Sam Weir and their friends and parents through life at a Michigan high school in the '80s. After only 18 episodes it was cancelled, but people that watched it still rant and rave about its greatness (and they should). It's a great show to watch if you like things that are funny because it's all so true!


The Secret Circle

The Secret Circle On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
To be honest I have no idea why this show was cancelled in the first place. To my knowledge the rating were decent and there was a good amount of buzz around it. However CW still decided to pull the plug on it! The Secret Circle was something fresh and new for the supernatural lovers and the plot was actually compelling. It's a shame it was cut so abruptly. Even though there were talks about other networks picking up the show, as months go by my hopes for a comeback are slowly dying away.


Nine Lives of Chloe King

Nine Lives of Chloe King On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
One of few promising shows that aired on ABC family was the Nine Lives of Chloe King. The story revolved around a girl who descended from Mai, a race of people with special cat-like powers and is now haunted by an assassin. Overall the show was family friendly and charming! In addition it really left things off with a cliffhanger. It's unsettling because the viewers never got the answers they needed!


Emily Owens MD

Emily Owens MD On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
When I found out Emily Owens MD was getting canceled after about 13 episodes, I felt my heart drop. I couldn't understand just why such an amazing and lovable show would be cancelled after such a short period of time. I did everything that I could: voiced my disapproval and signed petitions online but nothing worked. I still mourn the end of this show to this day. A show with that much potential should have never been cancelled.



Ringer On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Despite the very low ratings that it received, Ringer was a very mysterious and suspenseful tv show that I really enjoyed watching. Ringer was mainly about a young woman who impersonated her twin sister in order to hide from a mob, only to realize that her sister had her own agenda in mind. Yes, it was a little slow and convoluted at times but the show was interesting in the end. There were still so many questions that needed to be answered, but the show was cancelled after only one season.


Jane by Design

Jane by Design On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
I admit when I first started watching Jane By Design, I wasn't hooked but it slowly started to grow on me to the point that my eyes were a little wet when the cancelation news broke out. The news was unexpected and shocking because Jane By Design had such a strong fan base that even fought for its return days after the official announcement!



Fringe On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
If I had a say in how long Fringe should have stayed on the air, I would say forever because the show never ran out of engaging plots! There was always something I didn't foresee, there were concepts that needed deeper understanding with more episodes and there just needed to be more episodes!


Make It or Break It

Make It or Break It On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
Make It or Break It was one of the few shows that I really enjoyed watching religiously. The storyline followed a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they trained to perfection and worked to be the next ones in the spotlight. It was one of the few shows that focused on the hard work in sports which I found very moving and inspiring. The show never got boring and it was always something that I was looking forward to.


The Lying Game

The Lying Game On iTunes: itunes.apple.com
The Lying Game was another show based on two twin sisters switching places but their situation is not as simple as it sounds. The plot had a lot of mystery and suspense along some dramatic scenes. Although the plot of The Lying Game was slow at times, it was something that everyone could enjoy in their spare time. It's a shame we'll never get to find out all of the mystery and secrets!

Well ladies, these are the shows that I loved that got cancelled. What TV shows have you loved only to have them ripped away? Let me know down below!

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How was freaks and geeks canceled so soon?!? It's one of the best shows I've ever seen! I am currently watching it and cannot get enough!

Veronica Mars!

Whitney! Soooo bummed they cancelled it

Wedding Band!

we can now add the tomorrow people to this list

If you have a twitter we should make our shows come back on by using the hashtag #bringbackourshows!!

ER was my favorite and I also loved jersey couture

Seriously what about " My So Called Life" Love that show!!!

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