15 Great TV Shows That Were Cancelled in Their Prime ...

We've all been there, we've fallen in love with a TV show only to find out that that new show you love is now on the list of great TV shows that were cancelled too soon. And what's worse, they were just getting into a really good story line or the show had just started! I have a whole list of TV shows that were cancelled before they should have been, but these are the 7 shows that had so much greatness and were cancelled too soon.

1. Do No Harm

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This show only got 2 episodes but I thought those 2 episodes were witty and original and INTERESTING! This is one of the TV shows that were cancelled that I loved most! The premise of the show is that handsome Doctor Jason Cole turns into a dark alter ego, Ian Price, at the same time every night. But the dynamic between these two feuding personalities sharing one body is actually very entertaining.

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