7 Creative Talents That Are Underrated and Underappreciated ...


7 Creative Talents That Are Underrated and Underappreciated ...
7 Creative Talents That Are Underrated and Underappreciated ...

There are talents that are underrated because they’re not considered useful or seen often. However, talents don’t have to be widely recognized in order to be impressive. There are just as many unknown acts of creativity as there are popular ones. Whether you've heard of them or not, you should enjoy these talents that are underrated.

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Latte Art

Latte Art By pouring steamed milk into coffee, you can create designs on top of the liquid. The pattern created while being poured is called free pouring. Adding a design after the milk is already poured is called etching and is done with a tool that moves the foam around. The most common drawings are hearts and flowers, but the art has expanded to include different shapes and animals. Being able to create latte art is one of the talents that are underrated.


Toothpick Art

Toothpick Art When you think of toothpick art, most people imagine a child’s project. However, this skill takes time, patience, and precision. One wrong move and it could all fall apart. Artists have created magnificent replicas, some of which took years to complete. If you’re interested in this craft, it’s a cheap hobby. You only need toothpicks and glue.


Perler Bead Art

Perler Bead Art For this craft, you need perler beads, ironing paper, an iron, and at least one pegboard. Think of a design that you want to create and what colors you want to use in it. If you’re not feeling very creative, you can search for patterns online and follow the guide. Once you put all the beads in place, you lay the paper on top and iron the beads until they meld together. Then it’s onto your next design!



Crocheting Crocheting, knitting, and sewing are associated with older ladies, but are a fun activity for any age group. You can crochet sweaters, stuffed animals, or hats. Whatever you want to make, you can. Yarn comes in every color imaginable, so your choices are endless. For instructions, search online or try browsing freepatterns.com.


Bubble Art

Bubble Art You can create artwork by letting soap bubbles pop onto a sheet of paper. Stir tempera paint and dish soap together in a dish, then stick a straw into it. Blow into the mixture, making sure that you don’t breathe in. Use a spoon or a straw to move the bubbles onto the paper and wait for them to pop naturally. If you want a specific design, you can make cutouts of shapes and place it over the paper you’re working on.


Bubble art is a fun and unique way to create beautiful pieces of artwork. This underrated talent involves using a mixture of tempera paint and dish soap to create colorful bubbles that can be blown onto a sheet of paper. By using different techniques, such as using a straw or spoon to move the bubbles, you can create different patterns and designs. This form of art is not only visually appealing, but it also allows for a sense of spontaneity and creativity. It is a great activity for both kids and adults to explore their artistic abilities and create one-of-a-kind pieces.


Paper Craft

Paper Craft You’ve all heard of origami, but there are dozens of different forms of paper craft. Paper is versatile and can be cut, glued, layered, or folded. Since it’s so cheap to buy, it’s something that anyone can try. Check out webdesignerdepot.com for tons of awesome designs. These artists’ intricate work show that they have skills worthy of envy.


3D Sidewalk Art

3D Sidewalk Art You’ve all played with chalk when you were a child, but this takes sidewalk chalk to a whole new level. Artists spend hours creating scenes that look three dimensional and realistic. They just have to hope it doesn’t rain. If you want to see more of these incredible works of art, go to buzzfeed.com. I promise you’ll be impressed.

I hope you find these talents fascinating and appreciate those who spend their time creating art. Which one of these talents impresses you the most? What talents do you have?

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Graffiti artists.

Mine is 'MacGyverising'!

Sand sculpture is definitely creative & unappreciated. Also, very hard to do!


I think latte art takes considerable skill and talent, so definitely that would be one of the posts

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