How to Celebrate Mother's Day if Your Mom's Your BFF ...


Your mother is an amazing woman.

She's there whenever your friends are busy and whenever boys screw you over.

That's why you should make this Sunday extra special for her.

It doesn't matter if you've forgotten to buy her a gift, because here are a few ways for you to celebrate Mother's Day if your mom is your very best friend:2

1. Take Your Mom to the Movies

Instead of sitting on the couch with her and watching reruns of your favorite shows, you can take a trip to the cinema.

There's a movie out right now that's literally called Mother's Day, which means it's perfect for you two to watch together!

When you're finished, then you can even go out for lunch.2

2. Go to the Spa with Your Mom

If you have enough money to pamper her, then you can take her to the spa to get a massage.

If you're running low on cash, then you can set up a bath for her and let her borrow some of your face masks.2

Then you can paint her nails and her toes.

She'll have even more fun than she would've at a real spa.

3. Cook with Your Mom

You love your mother's cooking, but you shouldn't leave the food preparation to her on her special day.

Of course, that doesn't mean you have to do all the work, either.

You could have fun by cooking together!

You could even ask her to teach you her secret recipes, so you can pass it down to your daughter one day.

4. Go for a Walk with Your Mom

If you have a pet, then you can take him for a walk.

Otherwise, you two can stroll down the streets together.

If there's a park nearby, then you can even head over there for a picnic.

After all, the weather has been getting warmer lately!

Drink Wine with Your Mom
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