7 Home Decorating Tips on How to Reuse Old Picture Frames ...


Home Decorating Tips have many ideas to help you figure out what to do with your old picture frames. The right home decorating tip is sure to give you the perfect inspiration to pull those old frames out and make something beautiful and practical for your home. Reusing old frames for something new is a great way to use frames that have become old and dull or have lost their backs and glass. Check out my home decorating tips and see what works for you.

1. Magnets

Small picture frames can be made into magnets by placing a magnetic strip on the back of the frame.

You can buy the strips at your craft or discount store.

Paint or decorate the frame however you want.

Keep a favorite picture or an inspirational quote.

2. Wall Art

Many home decorating tip experts use empty frames as wall art.

You can paint the frames in different coordinating colors or even in all black or white.

Hang the frames on a wall for a punch of color and class.

3. Serving Tray

A beautiful old frame can get a second life as a serving tray.

You can place a collage of old photographs or post cards under the glass.

Use your new serving tray to serve drinks at your next party or to carry popcorn down to the couch for family movie night.

4. Vanity Tray

Another great home decorating tip converts your old frames into vanity tray.

Look for an old frame with lots of detail.2

You can spray paint the frame silver or gold for an elegant look.2

Find a piece of mirrored glass or have a piece cut to fit the opening.

Use the vanity tray on your dresser or bathroom counter to hold your beauty necessities.

5. Bulletin Board

You can also fill the center for an old picture frame with cork board or glue wine corks in the center to make a hip bulletin board for your office.

I love the wine cork home decorating tip.2

It’s a great way to do get a second use out of wine corks.

Instead of tossing them in the trash you can hot glue them onto the backing of the frame.

Hang Jewelry
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