7 Great Things to do in the New Year ...


There are plenty of things to do in the new year that may have never made it to that list before.

Sure, we could do the usual suggestions, such as live better, lose weight, spend more time with family;

but why not make some fun goals that will get those done along the way?

This list of things to do in the new year will help us grow, become healthier, live better, work smarter, and spend more time with our families without any new gym memberships and minimal stress.

Too good to be true?

I think not!

1. Learn a New Language

This is at the top of the list of things to do in the new year for more than one reason.2

Most of us here in North America only know one to two languages, while other places in the world know at least three to four.

Increase your brain capacity by learning a new language in 2014.

Learning a new language can help increase your chances of traveling to new countries, get you a raise at work for being bi or trilingual, and increase your problem solving skills.

2. Have an Adventure!

Every year my husband makes it a goal to go on one new adventure.2

We hardly ever know what it will be when the new year starts, but it always ends up being something exciting!

This last year, it was shark diving without a cage.

These epic adventures always give us something to talk about at parties and push us outside our comfort zones.

Shark diving may not be your kind of adventure, but something out there is and you can do it this year!2

3. Sign up for a Race

One of the greatest ways to keep your get healthy goals in the new year is to register for an event that will keep you on track.

Whether you are interested in running, swimming, biking, yoga, or all of it, there is a competitive event for you.

These events will make it much easier to get up and go work out, and completing that goal will make all that hard work worth it.

For those who are making a fitness goal for the first time, start with something small like a 5k in two months.

After that, you will feel ready for anything!

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