6 Fun Ways Kids Can Eat Their Food...

Some toddlers, kids, and teens can be picky eaters when it comes to fruits, vegetables, and anything that might be healthy for them.

I know this to be true for my stepdaughters who would rather eat cookies or ice cream over a salad or an apple!

You go grocery shopping and when you come home with food items they don't like or want they complain that there is, "Nothing to Eat!" Well maybe with these fun and creative food recipes we might get our kids to eat something we think is better for them...

6. Orange You Glad...

Orange You Glad...


With this little guy reminding your kids of the fun they have carving out halloweenpumpkins how could they resist eating a healthy snack like this!

Just take your oranges and do the same you would with a pumpkin;

cut around the top to make a lid, carve out the center and get creative with their little smiles!

Don't forget to use the orange pieces to mix in with the fruit salad that will fill the center of your "Snack o' Lantern".

This makes a great snack for all year and an even better snack for your kid's halloween party!

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