15 Fun 🎊New Years Resolutions🍾 to Make ...


Fun New Year's resolutions are super easy to keep, aren't they? After all, if you make your New Year's resolutions fun, why wouldn't you be able to keep them? If you're having a really hard time coming up with super fun New Year's resolutions and are stumped at what you can give up, change or even just do in the new year, take a look below! I've got all of the fun, funny and all around silly New Year's resolutions that'll get you thinking!

1. Don't Fight with Your Boyfriend

Okay, so this one isn't exactly one of the biggest fun New Year's resolutions, but it is one of the top ones that most people should make. Do you fight with your boyfriend a lot? Don't girls, just give it up and realize that it isn't worth it! For me, I'm going to stop fighting with my girlfriend so much and just try to get along.

Give up One Liquor