8 Amazing Reasons Not to Be Disappointed in Yourself ...


If, like most people, you tend to be self-critical, you could really use some reasons not to be disappointed in yourself. It's all too common to be ashamed of your lack of achievements, your failures and your mistakes. But these are often only that bad when seen through your own perception. Here are some sound reasons not to be disappointed in yourself …

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Nobody's Perfect

One of the top reasons not to be disappointed in yourself is that we are all human, and being human means getting things wrong. It wouldn't be real life if we never had problems or made mistakes! So accept that you're not perfect, just like everyone else.



You don't have to be a relentless optimist to see how you can always improve on what you have done (or not done). So whatever is bothering you and making you feel disappointed in yourself, see it as a positive opportunity. You can always do better on your next attempt!



Perhaps you are disappointed that you didn't get a job you applied for, or feel that you will never earn enough to own your own house. But there is always hope! There may be a better job around the corner or a promotion that will give you a better salary. Be optimistic.


We All Make Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes - it's impossible to get through life without messing up several times. This is only a problem if you fail to learn from them and keep repeating the same mistake. So why be disappointed in yourself when everybody else is doing the same thing?


Better than You Think

Often people feel disappointed in themselves because they compare themselves to others. Your sister earns more money, your neighbor has a better car or a happy relationship. Well, you're better than you think, so be kind to yourself instead of critical. Besides, maybe your sister doesn't enjoy her job, or your neighbor bought his car on credit!


If at First …

We're all going to fail sometimes, so get used to it. One thing is certain: giving up means you won't succeed. Things aren't always that easy, so don't be discouraged when something doesn't fall in your lap. If you don't get there the first time round, keep trying until you get what you want. You need to be determined - this is the only sure way to succeed.



People who have had great success do so because they don't let disappointment stop them. They keep on trying until things work out - which they do, because of determination. Apply a little of that to your own life. Instead of being disappointed at your failures, use them as an incentive to keep trying until you succeed.


Other Influences

Sometimes our disappointment in ourselves comes from the fear of letting other people down. We may have absorbed the message from our parents that only the best is good enough. Don't let the negative influence of others affect your view of yourself.

Sometimes we really can be our own worst critics, and judge ourselves to an extent that we would never do to anyone else. So when you are disappointed in yourself, consider whether you would feel the same if it were someone else. It's good to have standards, but not so helpful to constantly put yourself down. Do you feel that you have failed, or that you will never get anywhere in life?

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