7 Reasons to Be Glad You're Not Famous ...

By Lisa

If you often envy the rich and famous, I’ve got seven reasons to be glad you’re not famous that just might change your mind! I know the celebrity life looks ultra glamorous and there are definitely some perks to being well-known. But I’m going to show you several good reasons to be glad you’re not famous and constantly behind the lens of the paparazzi!

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Privacy, Please

Perhaps one of the most common reasons to be glad you’re not famous is that you’ll always have your privacy. Even if you have nosy friends and family, your every mistake and move won’t be documented on TV, magazines and blogs for eternity. Being followed by reporters and photogs might seem exciting but let’s face it, everyone likes a little privacy and mystery in their lives!


Faithful Friends

While there are plenty of celebs with longtime friends they love and trust, a disadvantage of being famous is that constant barrage of opportunists posing as friends. Who wants to be befriended just for their celebrity status and then dumped when times get tough? Be thankful for your true blue friends who love you for you!


Stalker Status

If there’s one standout reason to not be a celebrity, it’s the lack of celebrity stalkers. No worries about an obsessed fan sending you strange things in the mail and showing up on your lawn in the middle of the night! Since normal folks like us still have most of our privacy, we don’t have to fret over celebrity fanatics tracking us and professing their undying obsession!



Speaking of people tracking you down, another compelling reason to not be a celebrity is that you won’t have cameras in your face every time you go out! Celebrities can’t do much these days without being chased down by paps. If you want to be famous, you can expect vacations, dates, meals and even simple errands to all be displayed for public viewing and criticism!


Bad Days

We all have bad days regardless of who we are. The great thing about not being famous is that we can have our bad days and react without being under the scrutiny of the public. Celebs can’t have road rage, spill ranch dressing all over themselves and get dumped without the whole world knowing and putting in their two cents. Be glad you can have your bad days but still have the freedom to vent and react!

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Great Expectations

A big disadvantage of being famous is that the general public has big expectations of you. Whether it’s your talent, appearance or bad decisions, celebrities don’t always have the luxury of starting over since they’re well-known by so many. As an average Jane, you can go through hard times, get back up and start over without the public constantly reminding you of your past.


Being famous can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, celebrities often enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and the adoration of millions of fans. On the other hand, they are often subject to intense public scrutiny and criticism, and their every move is scrutinized. This can make it difficult to bounce back from mistakes or missteps, as their past is constantly being brought up and held against them. Furthermore, celebrities may struggle to find true friends due to the fear that they are being used for their fame and fortune. Finally, celebrities often face extreme pressure to maintain their appearance, which can be both physically and mentally taxing.


Perfectly Normal

The last and perhaps best reason to not be a celebrity is that you’re free to be yourself. You don’t have to change your face or body to please the public and compete with other celebrities for work. You have the freedom to gain or lose weight, dye or cut your hair or go without any makeup on without having to worry about what others will think. You’re perfect just the way you are and as a non-celeb, you can remain exactly that way!

As you can see, there are some pretty convincing reasons to be glad you’re not a celebrity! Celebrities may have a lot of money, legions of admirers and get preferential treatment but there are definitely drawbacks to being in the limelight! Have you ever wanted to be famous?

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Thankful for not being famous and have all the freedom the world can offer.

I would do anything to be famous..

aww i really dont care about all of these i just wanna be famous;D

The whole privacy thing...