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It's hard to remain ladylike when someone makes your blood boil.

However, if you're in a room full of easily influenced children or adults who will reprimand you for saying naughty things, then you should find new words to replace your favorite curses.

Since cussing in another language could get you in just as much trouble as cussing in English, here are a few foreign words to use when you're angry that aren't all that naughty:

1. Busu

This is a word used to describe an ugly person in Japanese.2

However, you could trick anyone into thinking that you're cursing at them by yelling this at them.

The pronunciation of it is just as satisfying as saying the "F" word.

2. Mishugena

This word means "freak" in Hebrew.

It's a pretty tame insult, so even if someone is able to translate it, they won't end up all that mad at you.

It should roll right off their back.

3. Beshoor

This means "no-brained" in Persian.

So the next time one of your friends says something unbelievably naive, you can call them this word.

When they ask you what it means, you shouldn't be surprised, because there's no way a no-brained person would know it.

4. Klam

This word means "ugly" in Danish.

Of course, you don't have to stick to using it in order to describe a person's looks.

If someone you meet has an ugly personality, feel free to use this word to describe them.3

5. Sakra

This means "damn" in Czech.

It's about as close as any of these words come to actual curses.

So the next time that you're annoyed about losing a level on a video game, you can simple say "sakra" in order to voice your frustrations.

6. Meretrix

This word means "prostitute" in Latin.

So if you're unhappy with another lady who's trying to steal your man, you can use this to describe her.

Of course, if you end up passing by a sketchy street corner, you can use this word literally.

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