7 Silly Internet Mistakes Most People Are Making Every Day ...


7 Silly Internet Mistakes Most People Are Making Every Day ...
7 Silly Internet Mistakes Most People Are Making Every Day ...

Even though the Internet is a wonderful thing since it allows you to videochat with your loved ones in real time, it empowers you to do financial transactions without visiting the bank or it can even give you access to entire libraries, you should still know that there are a few Internet mistakes that you should try to avoid making if you want to stay out of trouble. Learn how to use your web access in a smart way and avoid procrastinating while watching funny cat videos online. Here are 7 silly Internet mistakes you need to stop making today:

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Spending Too Much Time Online

A lot of studies have shown that using the Internet in excess is in fact related to having depressing tendencies. Even though it’s much easier to chat with your friends online, just take a little break every now and then and go meet with them for a drink and talk face-to-face.


Taking Notes on Your Computer

Even though now days, it’s much easier to take notes on your computer, you should know that this thing can be counterproductive sometimes. There are a lot of studies which show that when people take notes on their laptops, they tend to transcribe what they are hearing without paying attention to the actual content.


Stalking People Online

Stalking people online is never a good idea. Even though social media usually provides good “opportunities” to keep tabs on people, you should know that there is nothing good that will comet of it, especially if among those people are also your ex-boyfriends, your crush or anyone else that you may compete with.


Making Private Information Public

You should know that you are increasing your chances of somebody hacking your online accounts if anybody can easily find online your birth date, the name of your first pet, your mother’s maiden name or the name of the street of your first home. In fact, Microsoft found that strangers have a 13% chance of guessing the answer to your security questions within 5 attempts.


Using the Same Password for Everything

Try not to have the same password for your Instagram account as for your bank account. Your life savings deserve better protection so try to come up with a better passwords, not something like 0000 or 123456. A strong password should have at least 8 characters including numbers. Also, try to update your password regularly so that your accounts can be safe.


Posting Inappropriate Things on Social Media

Be careful when it comes to posting all kinds of things on social media because those silly mistakes will not only affect your reputation, but they can also ruin your chances of getting a dream job or they can even get you fired. Think twice before posting anything on social media and make sure you are not making your private information public.


Reading Too Much Email

Email is often a major time thief and there are studies which show that this simple activity can take up to 13 hours from your week every week. If you would be able to spend those hours doing things that you were supposed to do in your workday, you could accomplish so much more.

Even though Internet is such a wonderful invention since it allows you to do so many things, it can also get you into trouble if you don’t use it safely. What is the worst Internet mistake that you have made? Do you know any other silly Internet mistakes that people should avoid making? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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I just recently logged off fb ang Instagram. It was taking too much of my time and sometimes draining. Now I'm on Twitter :/

I don't understand why this article even exists. As a software engineer and IT specialist this is all common sense. If you. Isn't know even one of these facts, take a class or read a book before touching a computer. Even my 84 year old grandmother knows it

i totally agree with this list. They are indeed that most committed mistakes everyday

Yes not good to be online all the time . Get a hobby or get a life!

It's so useful to hear that..

I want to know how to stop thinking about net :(

So this is for 9 year olds? My daughter learned how to code at 10. I just don't get how this generation doesn't already know common sense on the web.

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