22 Curtains for Any Room in Your House ...


Curtains can really bring a room to life.3

I love to hang them in all the rooms of my house, don't you?

Whether you use patterns or colors, adding curtains to your room can enhance the decor and furniture and pull the entire space together.

You can even sew your own if you can't find exactly what you want on store shelves.

Take a browse through this list and chances are you'll be inspired to add drapery to every window in your house.

1. Neutral Patterns

Neutral Patterns

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When it comes to curtains, you can't go wrong with neutral patterns.

Neutral solids are also great choices.

2. Floral Print

Floral Print

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The floral print on this set of curtains is pretty great, don't you think?

3. Grommets on Top

Grommets on Top

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While tab tops are the most common, grommet curtains look pretty fantastic too.

4. Use a Curved Rod to Make a Window Look Larger

Use a Curved Rod to Make a Window Look Larger

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A curved curtain rod adds impact to your curtains and makes a window look larger too.

5. Tie Them Back

Tie Them Back

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There are loads of cute ways to tie the curtains back, including large silk flowers.

Cute, right?

6. To the Ceiling

To the Ceiling

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When you hang your curtains way up high, it adds drama and makes the entire room look bigger.

7. Mini Lights behind Sheer Fabric

Mini Lights behind Sheer Fabric

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This would be really fun for a little girl's room.

Or for the holidays.

8. Elegance Galore

Elegance Galore

Via 50 Shades Of Style

The curtains just bring this room to an entirely new level.

9. Ombre Sheers

Ombre Sheers

Via Services

This is a really cool effect that you won't see just anywhere.

It will definitely get you some compliments.2

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