17 Brilliant Ways to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday ...


If you’re turning 30 and finding ways to celebrate your 30th birthday seem like a majorly depressing chore, then think again!

Turning 30 is not about looking at what you haven’t accomplished yet in life or about getting closer to your gravestone.

Turning 30 is, in fact, about celebrating how far you've come and looking to where you want to go.

Your birthday is the perfect time to do that.

Even if you’re single, have no kids yet, and don’t have your dream career or house, there are ways to celebrate your 30th birthday that will take the edge off the dreaded day that so many women see it as.2

1. Take a Road Trip to Somewhere You Never Thought You’d Want to Go

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This might sound like a strange idea, but one of the best ways to celebrate your 30th birthday is to start opening yourself up to new possibilities.

Ask your best friend to go, which can even be your mom if you want, and decide to visit somewhere completely new for the day that you never thought about before.

Bring your camera so you can have something to remember the day by.

More than likely, you’ll see things you never thought you would appreciate and may even find a new favorite place to visit on a regular basis.2

2. Try a New Restaurant out of Town

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Obviously if you take a road trip as in idea number 1, you will more than likely do this.

If you do decide to stay home, eat somewhere new.2

Don’t go to your standby restaurant.

Turning 30 is about trying and doing new things.

Start today!

3. Bake Your Own Cake

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Bake your own cake this year.

Don’t buy one, get someone to make it or skip the cake.

Baking it yourself will give you a sense of self pride, and accomplishment, plus you’re mostly likely to enjoy it and eat it without guilt!

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