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Have you ever wondered what the worst things a girl can say to a guy really are? Even though most guys are easygoing and less easily offended, if you make them feel less of a man, then I must tell you that there’s nothing that bothers a man more than being with a girl that doesn’t consider him man enough. Words are powerful and the way you say something or what you say can make someone see you in a different way. Here are some of the worst things a girl can say according to guys:

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Anything Stereotypical

One of the worst things a girl can say to a guy is something that is both stereotypical and sexist. For example, try to avoid phrases like, “Guys should do that,” or “Women are meant to act this way.” People are unique and different and there’s nothing more offensive than not taking all these differences into account and presuming that you know how other people act.


Self-Conscious Statements

The truth is that most guys are annoyed by all those self-conscious statements most girls make. Phrases like, “Do you think I’m fat?” or “Do I look fat?” will only make the guys around you angry, because these are trick questions with no correct answers. Try to boost your self-confidence and work on improving your self-esteem and don’t bother the people around you with all these silly questions.


Demanding the Royal Treatment

Guys really don’t like girls who always expect to be treated like princesses. Demanding the royal treatment is a rude thing to do that will only make you seem high-maintenance, immature and even unfair. No one wants to date a person who acts this way, since they will feel like they are never good enough for them.


Blanket Statements about Guys

Try not to make blanket statements about guys if you don’t want to chase them away. I’m sure you don’t like it when people say that girls don’t like to date nice guys and that they always prefer bad boys, so try to avoid saying that all guys are jerks, because this is simply not fair.


Talking about Your Ex

One of the worst things a girl can do when she’s with a guy that likes her is to talk about her ex non-stop. Nobody who likes you wants to hear about the guys you’ve dated before them. Focus on them and try to discover what makes them so unique. You may even realize that different is good and that a breath of fresh air is exactly what you needed.


Bragging about Being Mean

Another thing most guys don’t like about some girls is the fact that they always brag about how mean they are and how proud they are of their mean behavior. Guys don’t think that being rude to the people around you is an attractive trait and most people will only see you in a negative way.


Saying That You Should Get What You Want Because You Are a Girl

Saying that you should always get what you want just because you are a girl can really scare someone off. If you think that you can get someone to do absolutely anything you want just because you are a woman, I must tell you that you are wrong, because this way of thinking is completely disrespectful towards other people’s needs.

There are a lot of things girls can say that can chase away a guy. I just mentioned a few in this little article but I’m sure there are many more that I didn’t include in this list. Do you know any other inappropriate things a girl can say according to guys? Do tell!

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what girl likes someone that does this stuff? You make it sound like guys would be the only annoyed and offended ones...

Wow #1 is ironic

It's ironic that you say avoid stereotyping when this whole article presumes all men hate when all women do this

Guys are guilty of these things too.

LOL I love the part where you said self conscious statements are, "trick questions with no correct answers." So true! And yes I have to restrain myself from talking about my ex because wether I like it or not he's still around me all the time so he always seems relevant in a conversation


I believe that timing is everything when it comes to what to and what not to say to a guy. If he likes you and you still barely know each other it's best not to overwhelm him with dating concerns, your "trust issues", insecurities, and my personally favorite since I'm guilty of this myself...don't tell him that you have a 1st priority that isn't him, all he hears when you say that is "you're an option, not a priority...you come second...if that!"

One of the worst things a girl could say to a guy is " don't leave me after you see the skeletons in my closet". After all, if a guy can't accept you worts and all...

I enjoyed reading this article.

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