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There are a lot of things true friends don’t do. An acquaintance is someone who knows little about you and who enjoys your company for a short period of time, while a true friend is someone who loves you and accepts you just the way you are, who encourages you to follow all your dreams and who doesn’t let you give up until you reach all your goals. You know what they say: “A person’s belief system is often a direct reflection of who they spend their time with.” Here are a few things true friends don’t do:

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They Don’t Gossip behind Your Back

One of the things true friends don’t do is that they never gossip behind your back and they never resort to personal attacks just to get what they want. True friends don’t like unnecessary drama, so if someone who is close to you spreads false rumors about you then they are not really your friend.


They Don’t like Arguments

True friends don’t start pointless arguments because they know that a fight is never productive. True friends accept you just the way you are with all your flaws and qualities, and they are not constantly trying to change you. If they disagree with you on something, they are honest and they tell you what they think without hurting your feelings.


They Don’t Discourage You from Pursuing Your Goals

A true friend will always encourage you to pursue all your goals and will even help you fulfill all your dreams. They want what’s best for you. They will always offer you constructive feedback that will inspire you to become a better version of yourself.


They Don’t Look down on You

True friends don’t look down on you, no matter how many mistakes you’ve done in your past. They love you for who you are now and they won’t make fun of you if you decide to share some intimate secrets with them. We all feel insecure sometimes and we all made mistakes in our past. We are all human, after all, and none of us is perfect.


They Don’t Abandon You in Social Situations

A true friend will never abandon you in social situations. For example, if you go with them to a party where you don’t know anyone, they won’t leave your side and they will even try to make you feel more comfortable. This is one of the qualities your true friends must have, especially if you are an introvert.


They Don’t Get Jealous of Your Success

Someone who is being a true friend will never get jealous of your success. They will be proud of you and they will encourage you to keep going, so you can reach all your goals and fulfill all your dreams. They don’t waste their time on jealousy since they know that it’s much more productive to be happy for other people’s successes because they can inspire you to reach all your goals too.


They Don’t Judge You

True friends don’t judge you and they don’t constantly try to change or to “fix” you. They do know that nobody’s perfect, so they don’t expect you to be someone else just to make them happy. They love you just the way you are and they accept you with all your qualities and with all your flaws.

Even though true friends are not that easy to find, they are priceless because they don’t take your friendship for granted, they always want what’s best for you and they are always by your side encouraging you to pursue all your dreams. Do you know any other things true friends don’t do? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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Love you Janae 😘

Shannon, that is so true. My mom says I need to widen my circle but honestly I have 2 great friends who I can joke around with and trust more than anyone else except for my family.

It's hard to find true friends I only have a handful though I know lots of people I don't call all of them my friends . My mom told me when I started kindergarten if you make one good friend in life your going to be ok (:

i wonder what feels like

Wow. Very true that's why I have hardly any friends

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